Qinghai Provincial Department of Education on the spring semester of the latest notice

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As the spring semester approaches, the Education Department of Qinghai Province has issued a notice instructing all schools to start planning in advance and do a solid job in the spring semester to ensure the smooth and orderly opening of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens).Carefully organized and arranged, according to the arrangement, primary and secondary schools around the principle of no later than March 1 classes, staff need to be a week in advance.Primary and secondary schools are forbidden to delay the opening of classes at will, and education administrative departments and school principals who do not start classes on time are held accountable.Carefully arrange and organize the first lesson of the semester.At the same time to achieve the training and learning and teaching materials in place.To guide schools to check and accept teaching materials in strict accordance with the procedures to ensure the timely arrival of teaching materials, quality and quantity.We will strictly implement the catalogue system for teaching materials and auxiliary materials, and strictly “enter” books and digital teaching resources into school.Enrollment management will be strictly enforced, and local and local schools will continue to play a long-term mechanism for controlling dropout rates and ensuring school attendance, and promote the transition from dynamic dropout rates to regular dropout rates.We should pay close attention to the transfer and suspension of enrolled students in spring semester, especially the trans-regional and trans-provincial transfer students, strengthen tracking and inquiring about the effect, and strictly prevent enrolled students from dropping out of school.At the same time, the strict implementation of our province’s school status management and primary and secondary school, ordinary high school enrollment management, strictly prohibit illegal transfer of school, empty registration.To carry out the education teaching behavior, the standard teaching plan arrangement, the reasonable arrangement of curriculum, schedule, and strict enforcement of national curriculum, the curriculum standard, open courses, full of class a, compulsory education schools shall not be less than 19 weeks practical teaching time, summer vacation time shall not be earlier than July 15, the practical teaching of average high school time not less than 20 weeks,The summer vacation should start no earlier than July 22.It is strictly forbidden to suspend classes at will or adopt methods such as intensive make-up lessons and “cramming” teaching to catch up with the teaching progress and end the course in advance.In the aspect of standardized homework design, all schools strictly implement the requirements of homework management, clarify the objectives of homework design, enrich the content and form of homework, and strictly control the amount and difficulty of homework.Consolidate achievements and do a good job in after-school services.Schools around the country carry out after-school services according to the actual needs of students and parents. 2 hours after class in the afternoon is the after-school service time, and the end time should not be earlier than 18:30.Ensure service quality.Schools carry out after-school services in primary and secondary schools according to the actual conditions and in accordance with the form of “one school one case”, forming the after-school service mode of “1+N”, that is, on the basis of the organization of homework guidance, carry out rich and colorful arts, sports, labor, interest groups and associations, and it is forbidden to use after-school service time to teach new lessons.Local governments should make good use of social resources, give full play to the role of after-school activities such as local children’s palaces, science and technology museums and youth activity centers in after-school services, and organize students to go to nearby social education bases in stages and groups in a planned way to carry out scenario-style, experiential and interactive educational practice activities.According to the provincial epidemic prevention and control requirements, all schools will do their best to prevent and control the epidemic and reserve supplies before the new semester begins, standardize the management of teachers and students returning to school after winter vacation, and continue to implement the systems of morning and afternoon check-up and disinfection.Carry out mental health screening of students.Within 4 weeks of the beginning of the semester, each school should carry out a comprehensive investigation on the mental health of all students. According to centralized screening and daily testing, mental health teachers and head teachers will determine the list of students at high risk of mental health and establish a file.Close home-school connection, to help adjust students’ emotions and physical and mental, as soon as possible to adapt to the new semester.Source: Xihai Metropolis Daily author: Mo Qingda Baby Zong