Provincial fire rescue corps Spring Festival visit shaoshan brigade fire rescue personnel

2022-06-08 0 By

Massachusetts moment xiangtan February 6 – (correspondent Ya-jun zhu) on February 3, in the gathering, fire rescue group of hunan province Xu Weibao arrived in xiangtan city fire rescue team of shaoshan brigade, see need sympathy on duty during the Spring Festival of fire rescue personnel at the grass-roots level and the relatives to team of for the feast, the celebration of the Spring Festival with you.Xu Weibao inspected the team’s work order, camp safety, food security and standardized construction, and had a detailed understanding of the fire and rescue personnel’s holiday duty, cultural activities, combat readiness and other work. He also conducted pre-team inquiries and spot checks on duty equipment and equipment.In the following symposium, Xu weibao exchanged opinions on the Spring Festival, the Winter Olympics emergency rescue and security work and the special rectification activities of combat training safety.During this period, Xu Weibao also went to key units of shaoshan district to carry out night inspections, and made requirements for the investigation and renovation of “nine small” and “multi-in-one” sites, fire prevention publicity and communal fire prevention and control, as well as joint training and combat work.He pointed out that the government at all levels, industry departments to consolidate the responsibility, continue to mobilize grassroots forces and police stations in streets, towns, communities and other areas, strengthen mass prevention and control, increase fire inspection of small units, small places and other places of insecurity, strictly implement fire safety measures, prevent small fires from causing major disasters.