Meeting with foreign consular officials in Chongqing to celebrate the Chinese New Year

2022-06-08 0 By

Consular officials and representatives from various countries in Chongqing took a group photo.On January 25th, the activity of “Meeting chongqing for Win-win Cooperation — Celebrating the Chinese New Year with foreign consular officials in Chongqing” was held under the auspices of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal Government and yuzhong District government, and co-organized by the Municipal Investment bureau.Activity invited Japan, Canada, Britain, Cambodia, the Philippines, belarus, Hungary, Italy, Uruguay and so on in chongqing consular officials into the mountain city alley, historical and cultural blocks, dam dam tea tasting chongqing characteristics, experience of traditional Chinese customs in activity, ate with hundreds of banquet dinner, to celebrate the joy in China.Consular officials from various countries in Chongqing learned to weave “Chinese knot” on site.Municipal government foreign affairs office for the figure in the mountain city dam dam teahouse, countries in chongqing consular officials and representatives are changed into tang suit and participation experience package dumplings, couplets everyone and string, playing majiang, hand flowers, ruby, such as traditional customs, experience of traditional feast, with local residents in the dinner, and holiday wishes to present personnel and chongqing residents.Consular officials from various countries in Chongqing said that the Chinese New Year fellowship made people feel the rich atmosphere of the New Year, not only experienced the traditional folk customs, but also enjoyed the special food of the mountain city, and had a wonderful evening.We hope that the epidemic will end at an early date and that frequent international exchanges with Chongqing will resume.Consular officials and representatives from various countries in Chongqing wrote the Chinese character “Fu”.Gong Yilin, a native of Yuzhong District, also attended the event.Tang Yuan made by her family has been passed down for four generations and is an intangible cultural heritage of Yuzhong District.”In traditional Chinese customs, it is necessary to eat tangyuan during the Spring Festival. Tangyuan symbolizes reunion, completeness and sweetness, and represents the longing and blessing for a better future. I hope consular officials in Chongqing can visit Shancheng Alley often, taste tangyuan and feel the taste of shancheng,” Gong said.Wang Wen, director of the municipal government’s foreign Affairs Office, said that the Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, and the festival with the most flavor of Chinese folk culture.The participation of consular officials from various countries in Chongqing made this traditional festival full of international atmosphere.In 2021, the consulates general of various countries in Chongqing pay great attention to and actively support the development of Chongqing. Chongqing has achieved good results in opening up and development. I hope that all of you will continue to deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the New Year.