Guardians of the flow on the China-Laos railway line

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Source: People’s Daily February 1, the Chinese lunar New Year 5, a column of rail cars arrived in Laos vientiane Laos railway station, from kunming bureau group co., LTD. Luang prabang maintenance management center of Ellen pau period workmates, as usual, skillfully assembled detection device, accompanied by a flaw detector beeps, began a day’s homework.The work was arranged from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the Chinese New Year. They needed to complete the inspection work in the remaining areas from vientiane south to Phong Hung. On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, they also had to transfer to the station of Wan Rong.Only the lanterns hung up in the south work area of Vientiane on New Year’s Eve and the specially prepared dinner made everyone feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, while their work continued as usual without any pause.Rail flaw detection, mainly the application of all kinds of flaw detector, inspection and detection of rail internal defects, to ensure that the injured rail can be found in the first time disposal, to ensure the safety of china-Laos railway operation.They are known as “rail doctors”.This professional inspection team composed of 12 people is responsible for the inspection work of 420 kilometers of main line and more than 100 kilometers of station line of the China-Laos Railway Moding Wan (Vientiane) section. All of them are spending the Spring Festival abroad for the first time.However, they cannot have a fixed station and equipment jurisdiction like other colleagues, because they need to maintain all the lines of china-Laos railway outside China.They moved back and forth on the railway, becoming the only team without a “home”, even during the Spring Festival, they had to move to keep up with the work schedule.Foreman Yang Wenxing and his fellow workers are used to this way of life.”There is no fixed residence in the work area. Every once in a while, we move with equipment and luggage on the Mowan section of China-Laos Railway, back and forth.”From The opening of china-Laos Railway on December 3, 2021 to the middle of January, 2022, they completed the first inspection of the full length of the main line from Botin to Vientiane.Yang Wenxing said, double rail flaw detector is the present domestic use the most advanced detection equipment, mainly for the main inspection work, but bathed feeder, bifurcation area, such as line constitutes a complex, follow-up inspection process, a lot of need to use a small flaw detection equipment to detect again, when meets the rail joint and switch, also need ShouJian hammer and carefully check the mirror,It takes quite a long time to complete a full inspection.”There is no room for carelessness in flaw detection, and it is necessary to focus on it.”Yang Wenxing pointed to the waveform on the monitor and said:”Bad rail surface rust, metal shed and coupling will be shown on the screen, such as different shape of the waveform, the waveform is similar to emerge through different channels, very easy to confuse the line of sight, and waveform such as rail cracks, nuclear injury often mixed with a flash, only stay in just one or two seconds on the screen, if missed the waveform, the left hidden trouble will be enormous.”On October 27, 2021, nervous to Laos Yang Wenxing railway work in circle of friends wrote: “time” has no regrets choice inspection work, inspection really like mine, how much pressure, just how much pride, leaned out today the rail grinding a brief period of the first ten thousand injuries, very happy, have pay will have return!”At 8:17, the car moved slowly, and the ultrasonic wave was fed back to the screen by the inspection wheel on both sides of the flaw detector, which made a sound of “beeping” from time to time.Suddenly, a shrill alarm sounded.Yang wenxing maneuvered the vehicle back and forth in the alarm area, keeping a close eye on the instrument’s display screen for fear of missing anything.After the inspection, everyone took out the universal flaw detection equipment and carefully rechecked and tested in the alarm place until it was determined whether there was really an injury in the alarm area. Such stop-and-go is the normal in their daily work.At 10:45, nearly five hours of flaw detection work on the first day of the Chinese New Year ended.The party arrived at the designated place, disassembled the flaw detector, counted the tools and equipment, and ensured that there was no loss left, and waited for the rail car to return to the station.”Tonight, everyone will get together to welcome the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.”Yang Wenxing said.Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, guo Lei, Liang Yunchuan and other experienced masters said, “I look forward to bringing a Laotian disciple in the New Year.”Due to the strong professionalism of flaw detection, it is necessary to selectively train Laotian employees after they are familiar with the basic work of the line.They are confident to pass on their skills to Lao employees and jointly escort the development of china-Laos Railway and the road of friendship.(Source: People’s Daily Online)