Douro mainland, why boceci and Tang Chen have immortality, and thousands of flow can only sacrifice death?

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We all know that dou luo continent, except for shrek seven strange other end a lot of people are actually tragedy, cannot become strand to celestial god, after all, that waiting for them there is only a physical, who all can’t change it, even the most titles fights the strong level of hundreds of years of life, but also serve as leading role but group’s additional role,These people often can give oneself add some special set yourself apart, small make up today to tell you about is wave ceci and Tang Chen there was also the story of qian tao flow between Tang Chen for hundreds of years ago, belonged to unilaterally force the heaven of science from a small door into the world a big, heaven of land to other science lift door,Even the eternal temple later because of concerns about whether Tang Chen alive, dare not attacked in the heaven of science that the heaven of science became the three remaining a door, and Tang Chen really alive, but because of the impact shura strand fail, god Tang Chen affected by which is the power of god the mind into the slaughter of the guardian, everything is double-edged,Tang Chen also in Russian power and fix divine power to live for thousands of years under the influence of wave Tang Chen ceci once very like, but as the three great god the glory of the strand heir to her best not to say his love, the result let two people so missed, it is also a wave ceci most regret things, as Tang Chen left, wave ceci choose to become the guardian of the sea god strand,Got the part of the sea power, also lived for thousands of years of success, her suffering and qian tao flow is the same, qian tao ever also very love wave ceci, but wave ceci Tang Chen is the only one in the heart, come back of the house of eternal qian tao flow became the guardian of the angel of god, the three men’s love/hate it lasted for one thousand years but thousands flow is, after all, a villain,Tang Chen with ceci it to Jennifer, the author, whose end is not bad, stayed in the killings of one thousand Tang Chen and finally met tang three, under the force of sea of purification, Tang Chen regained his consciousness, half in the inheritance of fix power god gave the tang dynasty after three, he just want to go to find wave ceci through the last stage of their life,Wave ceci after waiting to Tang Chen walked with him thousands of flow is strand guardian god, after the sacrifice of her own life also dissipate, but compared with leading group, the angel of god really put the thousands as the tool, Poseidon and fix god because of their debt, they also brought to the divine, although they are only the existence of the weakest here,But in the eyes of others, they also become gods, which is the best outcome, after all, this is the author’s preference, right?Welcome to leave a comment to share, I am the boss of light novel Cheng, follow me, we will see you next time ~