Deep learning Benedict Tianjin action | play agglomeration effect, strengthen the key core technology research “Four valley” binhai new area construction work fast

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In order to attract more high-quality innovative resources in binhai new area development, binhai new area this year will be around innovation chain industry chain layout, focus on the letter a, biological manufacturing, advanced computing, financing lease and other four state-level innovation industry and intelligent technology, chemical new material, new energy, Marine science and technology four high-growth industries, develop key technology research,We will coordinate the development of innovation clusters such as the Valley of Cells, the Valley of biological manufacturing, the Valley of Credit and Innovation in China, and the Valley of Sound in the North.Today, the construction of “Cell Valley” in Tianjin has entered the fast track of development.In 2022, Binhai New Area will carefully plan to build specialized carriers of “cell Valley” such as National Biomedical International Innovation Park and Bonong Industrial Park, and accelerate the construction of innovation platforms such as cell Industry Transformation Base of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Tianjin Cell Technology Innovation Center.At the same time, promote Kang Xinuo adenovirus vector vaccine localization model line, gloria Britain – rainbow small nucleic acid drug production base, heyuan biological CAR – T cells to drug research and development production base project fall to the ground and put into operation, the new type of vaccine, CAR – T cells drugs, stem cells, the biological activity material and other fields to achieve new breakthroughs, to create “cell valley” city name card.Advance “biological manufacturing valley” independent innovation binhai new area last year in order to promote “biological manufacturing valley”, not only established the biological manufacturing industry (talent) union, also absorb ray Stevens biological/a few sugar industrialization project 13 key industrialization projects to start working, with a total investment of about 9 billion yuan, is expected, after achieve output of about 19.5 billion yuan.This year, Binhai New Area will give full play to the leading role of the Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Innovation Center for Synthetic Biotechnology, vigorously promote the research of core technologies such as green synthetic biology and new biological fermentation, form a batch of cutting-edge independent innovation products, and promote the construction of independent innovation industry system.Accelerate the implementation of natong Orthopedics, Zhongke Fuxing Biological Industry, Beihe Soybean Protein deep processing and other projects, promote more high-quality projects to enter the “Biological manufacturing Valley”, and jointly create a “new demonstration” of the transformation of biological manufacturing achievements in Tianjin.Now, tianjin Xinchuang Industry (talent) Alliance has 70 members.IT has gathered more than 1,000 upstream and downstream enterprises in the field of information and innovation represented by a number of leading enterprises such as Kirin, Feiteng, Shuguang and 360, with an industry scale of more than 40 billion yuan. IT takes the lead in realizing the layout of the whole industry chain of “IT infrastructure – basic software – application software – network information security – information and innovation + services”.This year, Binhai New Area will take the ocean area as the core carrying area to build “China credit and Innovation Valley”.Expand and strengthen the hardware chain, software chain, service chain, three core letter and creation three chains, do “information security” a major guarantee, do fine “civil-military integration” a major feature.To build a spatial structure of “production capacity in the north, driving power in the south, incubation in the east and core gathering in the middle”, to build a multi-functional and high-quality living space that integrates “production, living and ecology”, and to build an “ideal city of trust and innovation”.At the same time, it will build an integrated innovation ecology of government, industry, university, research and application, financial services, build an independent controllable compatible and adaptive platform in the field of information and innovation, support the building of a national pilot area for independent computing power engine, and form a high-end, high-tech and high-value information and innovation industry cluster center.In 2021, a new breakthrough will be made in the construction of “Northern Sound Valley” in Zhuhai. Iflytek Digital Transformation Empowerment Center will be established, and THE AI platform — National New-generation ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Demonstration Platform Tianjin Center will be put into operation.This year, Binhai New Area will rely on Zhihuigu to build an intelligent voice core area, lay out multiple industrial functional areas, optimize the spatial layout of acoustic Valley, forge an integrated and two-wing industrial system of intelligent voice, intelligent hardware and intelligent software, and promote the integration of artificial intelligence with the real economy, service industry and urban governance.The “Northern Sound Valley” comprehensive public service platform will be built to improve the public service ecosystem.(Reporter Zhang Lu) Source: Tianjin Daily