Who said plum no tears, love after all still lost to the secular

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originalLengMei listen to a song, the plum flower solitary month with some sad tears heart wounds of hatred once favorite music book why listen to at the moment increases sorrow felt a bit of a cold hit as the saying goes grow old oath will also be a deceptive lie who said the plum flower no tears of love is lost to the secular plum blossom is lost to the spring back to miss song drunk once a plum flower now pay water flower bone transient beautyHeaps of time over ice and snow has not yet fully cold plum flower who was speaking the words of this life can only dream time drinking the once alone silly in situ deep pain inadvertently leave a trickle tears once MeiXue canthus, spring back to now for a total of windward of pride of the plum blossom in the tianya dugu want to hold one pure snowflakes falling phase with you go hand in hand for the plum blossom but beansChloe has been weathered left the plum flower that gradually angular reflection why you through with the smell of a little bit sad to cry or you are thinking about you is far away the memories of his cold and open in branches like dancing misty rain leaf of fallen petal of the fragrance of plum blossom tears in to the sunset red to blue sky.another 1 round a leaves for fear of the plum flower cheeks painted with the exiled for in that day you don’t only miss don’t want to ask the former lifeAfterlife leaves the time that had only one promise is like white clouds deep feeling that tactfully poignant and moving heartstrings plum blossom tears touches people’s heart let me drown in this song remember Nietzsche said that the most noble beauty suddenly attracted people don’t do not violent attack but gradually take people unknowingly make people’s hearts full of expectations who said the plum flower no tears just you don’t understand its heartA good relationship is not chasing but attract each other not to pester but two people can talk together at random can silence because they understand each other heart two people can together can also be a long time not because of love in the spring MeiXue will not drop because love itself is an unusual move move behind is not controlled in Ming know oneself too care about is aThe kind of harm can who can accomplish to close again put freely once ice and snow just because it does not understand the tear of wintersweet to wait until wintersweet comes from bitter cold all expectation will become tear after embrace and weep photography: son Junlan a mirror: wood elder brother