Rudong: The literary light cavalry goes to the grassroots without stopping to stimulate the new momentum of grassroots culture

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, rudong in the new era of civilization practice center, station () is given priority to, to grassroots organizations literary hussar send culture, through the development of rich and colorful spring series civilization practice culture art activities, with the joy, peace, civilization festival atmosphere, let the masses really festival atmosphere “the door”, for the mandarin wheatgrass art charm and fragrance “the spring”.It is a cultural tradition of the Chinese nation to be good inheritors of traditional culture and to welcome the new and bring blessings to the people. For example, the Literary federation of East County organized nearly 20 calligraphers to carry out the activity of “Spring Festival couplets enter thousands of people” in Zhongtian Science and Technology Group and Dayu Town, and wrote nearly 10,000 Spring Festival couplets.Each new era civilization practice station actively carries out the “send blessing to send Spring Festival couplets, spring warm tens of millions of people” activity, to grass-roots people, civilized families, moral models and so on to send blessing to send Spring Festival couplets nearly 50,000.The new Era Civilization Practice station carries out the activities of “Colorful year of Joy · Opera in rural areas” in the way of “ordering by the masses and sending orders by the stations”, popularizing huangmei Opera and enhancing the villagers’ sense of cultural gain and life happiness.Close reading “no”, construct the elegant some active sites by the practice of the new era of civilization, with the help of a farm house, community book, such as position, to carry out the “national reading spring breeze action” “national reading, red classics” and share study, “the festival atmosphere in the book, the festival atmosphere in the book” series of activities was read more than 100 games,Thousands of reading promotion volunteers and returning college students participated in the event.Singing the “main melody”, the Spring Festival literary and art activities gather people with the winter training of party members as the starting point to carry out the “literary and art Light Cavalry” activities, the new era civilization practice base selected outstanding literary and art backbone, set up 19 literary and art light cavalry teams, with the “literature and art + theory” mode, propagandize the party’s policies, convey the voice of the Party.With “colorful some happy years” as the theme, carry out “the year of the tiger together blessing” “culture into” “our festival, the Spring Festival” and other series of cultural activities, held “colorful winter – childishness to party” children’s literature and art performance, to carry out the “colorful winter – childishness to party” children’s literature and art performance, organizing some characteristics of tour product, old brand and intangible handicraft focusing on sales,We gave full play to the role of community-level cultural facilities and positions, benefiting 800,000 people.The “Literature and art Light Cavalry” grass-roots activities narrowed the distance between literature and art and the people, spread positive energy, sang the main theme of The Times that literature and art serve the people with practical actions, and let the masses of grassroots people enjoy the new achievements of civilization practice and development in the new era.Glory belongs to the past, struggle to achieve the future.In the future, the “Literary light Cavalry” will continue to do practical cultural projects for the benefit of the people, so that the practical spirit of the new era of civilization can fly into the homes of ordinary people.Correspondent Shen Yanyan Miao Yunxiao proofread Wang Fei