Five years led 187 villages 20,000 people Tunliu shanxi red pepper farmers prosperous life

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The picture shows a farmer cleaning the nursery shed and preparing the seedling hole plate.Photo by Li Hongwei (Spring walking grassroots) Five years to bring 187 villages 20,000 people in Shanxi Tunliu red pepper plant farmers prosperous life China New Network Changzhi February 15, the title:In just a few years, the pepper industry in Tunliu District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province has grown from nothing. The planting area has grown from 13,000 mu in 2017 to 90,000 mu in 2021, driving more than 20,000 ethnic peppers and selling peppers in 187 administrative villages.Products sell well throughout the country, exported to South Korea……On May 15, local farmers are busy cleaning up the nursery shed and preparing the seedling hole plate of Yang Jianjun’s agricultural company.Tunliu district is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province, flat water shallow, pleasant climate, known as “rice grain sichuan”, is a traditional agricultural area.Faced with the problems of “large but not strong” agriculture, such as the imbalance of supply and demand structure, unreasonable allocation of factors, and weak growth of farmers’ income, in 2017, Tunliu District promoted the structural reform of agricultural supply side, and introduced and implemented the pepper planting base project of 10,000 mu.Under the “triple guarantee” of government support, protection price acquisition and insurance, after several years of development, the pepper industry in Tunliu district has grown from nothing to scale development.The development of pepper industry not only promotes the development of logistics and transportation, agricultural machinery operation, labor intermediary and other surrounding industries, but also gives birth to a large number of pepper CEOS and professional farmers.Not long ago, Tunliu District and Shanxi Agricultural University to jointly build the “Tunliu Pepper Industry Research Institute” platform, strengthen science and technology and talent support, to expand and strengthen the characteristic pepper industry.The two sides will establish a service model of “training + practice + project + platform + policy” for the development of the pepper industry, and carry out in-depth cooperation on 10 projects, including the breeding and promotion of new varieties, the control and control of diseases and pests, the research on key cultivation technologies of vegetables in solar greenhouse, and the construction of social service system for the pepper industry, so as to promote the resonance between scientific research and industry.File photo: Farmers in Tunliu district are picking chili peppers.Li Hongwei TunLiu area taken flexible facility vegetable cultivation in shanxi agricultural university, land use, and information technology, environmental toxicology and integrated pest management, vegetable cultivation physiological ecology and germplasm innovation research experts, professors, 12, covering the pepper industry breeding seed production, research and development, demonstration, deep processing, professional farmers cultivating the whole process of industrial development.In addition, by the provincial, city, district three experts package service and consists of 80 professional and technical personnel of the technical service, the implementation of unified seedling breeding in TunLiu area, land management, unified production, unified sales, unified brand “WuTongYi” standard, standardization production through to planting, management, picking, sales of every link.Last year, Yang jianjun’s agricultural company tested and demonstrated more than 30 varieties of chili peppers and nursed 16, 000 mu of chilies.Lu Yinlian, a villager from Xiou Village, Tunliu District, transferred her cultivated land to an agricultural company at an annual rate of 1,000 yuan per mu, and worked in the company to raise seedlings. “When there is work, I can earn about 100 yuan a day”.At present, the total output of tunliu chili has reached 544,500 tons, the total output value of 1.198 billion yuan, sales revenue breakthrough 1.7 billion yuan.”We will cultivate nearly 20,000 high-quality professional farmers around the pepper industry to provide science and technology and talent support for the development of modern agriculture.”Tunliu District agriculture and rural bureau director Guo Wei introduced that the local is forming a “industry to cultivate talent, talent to promote income” virtuous cycle.(after)