Famous child star Tang Ning recent situation, 2 years did not take play quietly to learn to decorate, personally modify 30 years old door in the home

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On Jan 27, the famous child star shared her latest updates on her social media account.In a rare appearance, Downing appears in a white hoodie and sporty cropped hair.Already 40 years old, her skin is tight and wrinkle-free, her facial lines are smooth, and she is as old as a girl.Downing tells the camera: ‘I’m going to the big boys!’The “big house” she refers to is actually a door in her home, which is 30 years old and very old, so she had it refitted herself.She also mentioned that she is interested in decorating and has been quietly studying it for the past two years.Instead of simply assembling cabinets, she actually studied renovation, repair and renovation engineering.Almost every encounter is filmed on camera, and she plans to edit the footage and share it with her fans.Later, Downing showed footage of the old door being refurbished, and saw her bundled up in protective clothing and a face mask.She took out a grinder, paint remover, brush and other professional tools to modify the door.After a series of operations, the door is finally refurbished and looks as good as new.”She said excitedly, as if she had accomplished some feat.After watching Downing’s video, netizens left comments praising her for being amazing.She was also asked when she would start acting again.In fact, Downing has not acted for more than 2 years, so everyone missed her very much.At the end of the 1980s, tang Ning, only 8 years old, was introduced by friends into the entertainment industry development, with a sweet appearance and smart mind, she is loved by the industry, has shot a number of films and TV dramas, cooperated with Wong Ka Kui, Tony Leung chiu-wai, Wang Zu-yin and other countless big names.When she grew up, Downing did not change careers, but continued acting.Acting mature than her peers, got TVB force hold, in the “Stupid Jackie Chan”, “Datang Double Dragon biography” and other dramas as the leading role, the cause of sound and colorful business.However, after marrying art director Tang Wai-kit and having two children, she cut back drastically and devoted most of her time to caring for her family.Unfortunately, the marriage did not last. After the divorce, she raised two children alone, making it even harder for her to spare time for acting.The year before last, Downing accepted the Hong Kong media interview, she lost a lot of weight.Instead of saying why, she told a fable about a Wolf pretending to be a sheep and deceiving shepherds, as if to imply that she trusted the wrong people.Since then, she has made few public appearances.Now, she is active and smiling again. I believe she has put the past behind her and started anew. I hope she can make more dramas for us in the future.