What is New Year’s Day?

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Everyone is saying happy New Year so I ask you what is New Year?Said simple like this problem is not simple ▼ that New Year is still winter Milky Way long out family sit, the lamp is amiable before meals incense, sweet home New Year is an unknown journey a long wait for opening the gift is always have a dream at night is a pleased all appropriate, shiny New Year period is perfection every day is different from yesterday is getting to know the truth of the time,But I still love her New Year is the spring breeze across the colorful spring rain dizzy very beautiful flowers is the trees a little pale green early in the morning is a ray of sunshine is warm in the New Year hope is a new beginning, far away if everybody happy New Year to you that I want you to click on the image below screenshots and see what can harvest after the New Year blessing ▼ may the New Year, than last year Good state of the people to be joyful!Copywriter: Hu Cheng Complex Photography:Both the autumn wind, cui, Allah’s fantasy, Du Lei, huang bo, mei-hua hu, liu, Li Yunyue, Li Lunying, kelly li, Yu Jinghua, Wu Hong, XiaoHuaLin, Qin Weifei, Zhang Baoxun, Shi Jianghong, Tan Dekui, Tian Zongli, Cheng Yong, works, Yang, Xue Yong, Yang Cui, Li Chuanshu, wang yong, Tan Jianghong, Zhao Enfeng, part for profile picture drawing:Abstract: In this article, the author gives an overview of the Hu Cheng Complex