Uni-k iDD pre-sale price is 176,900 yuan to 192,900 yuan to meet the demand of all vehicles

2022-06-06 0 By

January 6th, the 4th Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Automobile Exhibition opened grandly!Chang ‘an Passenger car high-end product series UNI actively embraces the new energy era, with the theme of “Pre-enjoy the new realm of hybrid” as the live exhibition.As the first model equipped with Blue Whale iDD hybrid power system, uni-K iDD, a full-range “zero anxiety” electric hybrid SUV, officially opens for pre-sale today, with the official pre-sale price of the two models ranging from 176,900 yuan to 192,900 yuan.At the same time, UNI-K iDD has officially launched the iDD Sports Streamer kit for 1,699 yuan and iDD Comfortable supersensory kit for 1,999 yuan. Changan UNI offers personalized options for users.At the pre-sale press conference, not only the new uni-K iDD is relevant to users, but also Changan UNI surprises users with exclusive purchasing policies such as “0” pressure for purchasing cars, “0” pressure for using cars and “0” pressure for enjoying cars.Farewell car anxiety UNI – K iDD carry global hybrid low-carbon era, hybrid car brand in the face of the user market technology breakthrough, changan car in order to solve the user (perspective, by using cutting-edge technology industry, creating the blue whale iDD hybrid system, realizes the dynamic and economic consideration, perfect applied to any travel scene,For the majority of users to bring the whole “0 anxiety” driving experience.As the initiator of a better life experience, The flagship Uni-K is the first to be equipped with blue Whale iDD hybrid power system, which gives the UNI-K iDD “full speed domain”, “full temperature domain” and “full time domain” capabilities to solve users’ high fuel consumption anxiety during urban commuting, charging and range anxiety during long-distance travel.And electricity anxiety when camping in the countryside.Uni-k iDD is equipped with blue Whale iDD hybrid power system, which consists of blue Whale NE 1.5T hybrid engine, Blue Whale tri-clutch electric drive transmission, large capacity PHEV battery and iDD intelligent control system.Traffic congestion during morning and evening rush hours is the culprit that exacerbates the increase in fuel consumption of traditional vehicles.Uni-k iDD is powered by a 30.74kwh high-capacity PHEV battery and powered by BEV mode. The UNI-K iDD’s NEDC has a range of 130km, which can easily meet the needs of daily urban commuting. The driving experience is equivalent to that of a pure electric vehicle, while achieving extreme fuel economy and significantly reducing the cost of daily driving.The HEV mode is oil-electric hybrid drive. Relying on the intelligent energy management of all road conditions, the BLUE Whale iDD hybrid system can proactively judge the road conditions ahead and store enough power in advance through kinetic energy recovery to prolong the pure electric driving time.Uni-k iDD starts with electric power, and blue Whale NE 1.5T hybrid special engine quietly enters in medium and high speed. Compared with conventional fuel vehicles of the same class, its comprehensive NEDC range reaches 1100km, meeting the needs of users for long journeys.Uni-k iDD also offers driving pleasure, with preset modes built into the I-X and customizable on demand.Uni-k iDD engine and motor work together in preset “surging power” mode. Based on the application of core technologies such as blue Whale tri-clutch electric drive transmission, uni-K iDD performs almost the same power performance on full or on full, making it easy for users to accelerate and overtake at any time.With changan UNI’s company, users will have a better experience.The UNI-K iDD has the widest interior space in its class, a flat rear floor, and zero gravity seats to provide ultimate comfort for city commutes and long journeys.Uni-k iDD’s new one-button “Rest mode” feature creates a quiet and relaxing environment for users while they are in the car.The Uni-K iDD, dubbed as a mobile power station, is equipped with a 3.3-kw external discharge and can use portable camping appliances such as a coffee maker, juicer and hot pot to make the camping experience more colorful for every participant.Based on the industry-leading blue Whale iDD hybrid power system, Changan UNI is now officially embracing the new energy era. Uni-k iDD, an electric hybrid SUV with “zero anxiety”, is open for pre-sale. The product is fully capable of solving users’ pain points, satisfying any use scenario, and enabling every driving experience to achieve “zero anxiety”.During the uni-K iDD pre-sale period, Changan UNI surprises potential customers with multiple reservations, making the wonderful car buying experience worthwhile!