This is the right way to open a spring suit, thin and tall, giving way to envy

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My little sisters have trouble taking notes on what to wear, because they don’t know how to match so that they can look tall and thin.Today I’m going to share some outfits with you and tell you how to wear them correctly.Short and long collocation small must remember, in the collocation of time must be short and long collocation.The so-called short under long, is not too cover up their legs, if too cover up their legs, it will let their legs appear shorter.These three pieces, no matter which kind of wear, we can clearly see, is completely exposed legs.Therefore, from the overall effect, such wear looks longer legs.For smaller people, remember to wear a shorter coat, even if it falls below your waist, to lengthen your legs.If you don’t wear a pair of high shoes, it is recommended that the length of the pants not exceed the ankle, otherwise it will make the whole person look sluggish.In the collocation, if the coat can just cover the ass, we can also play the lower body missing wear, when wearing, we must pay attention to simple, not too tedious, otherwise it will make the whole body collocation look too heavy.Coat add wide leg pants green long woolen coat, collocation on a wide leg pants, let the whole person appears more lively.However, when matching, you should pay attention to the upper body collocation when do not choose too long inside, otherwise it will make the overall dress looks too tedious.So in the long coat in the collocation of time should be how to match?In the choice of coat, the short girl had better choose the length to the bottom of the coat, so in the lower body collocation, easier.Wide-leg pants that are slightly baggy can look different with a little embellishment.The drag-floor pants that opens a fork design, the wide-leg pants that turns an edge, let whole wear build to appear simple and relaxed undoubtedly.A long grey tweed coat, paired with wide-legged grey sweatpants, makes for a comfortable, simple look.If you look closely, you’ll notice that this outfit follows the rules of the little girl, opting for a shorter top.Next to these two sets of wear is also the choice of not too long top to match, such wear and choose a long coat collocation difference is more obvious layering.Coat and skirt long coat can also be matched with a gentle pleated skirt, peacock green long coat, with a pleated skirt inside, slightly exposed to the pleated skirt hemline, it looks like wearing more wen Wan.And the one on the side of the dress looks more impact.A brass-shaped black dress dignified the look, while a bold red sweater added a little pizzazz to the outfit.The cake skirt with lace lace in khaki and the knitted jacket in coffee color should be liked by every girl. It is beautiful and elegant.The difference is that the suit on the side is the standard match of a typical successful woman.A small black scented coat can also be worn with a skirt, of course, when matching, we need to choose a more elegant skirt.Opt for a slightly fluffy flounce skirt.The black and white dress, paired with the blazer, is perfect.I don’t know, through today’s dress sharing, did you get the idea of dressing small people?