The joint statement issued by the US, Japan and the ROK, apart from the Taiwan Strait, is full of three murderous points and does not intend to make China feel better

2022-06-06 0 By

The United States, Japan and South Korea have a nostril to vent their anger, while intervening in the Taiwan Strait while also implying three anti-China kill moves!Why should China worry?One wrong move could be very difficult for China.Foreign ministers from the United States, Japan and South Korea issued a joint statement after a meeting in Honolulu that included a lot of references to China in addition to north Korea, according to media reports on February 14.First, the US, Japan and the ROK jointly announced their involvement in the Taiwan Straits issue for the first time.Second, in the future, the three countries will conduct cooperation in three areas, but all of them look like three kill moves against China.The first point is odd, given that the Presidential office has been quite friendly to China under Moon jae-in.But after all, Moon Jae-in will soon be out of office, and Yoon Seok-yeol, the front-runner for the presidential nomination, is known to be pro-AMERICAN and anti-Chinese. Therefore, it is not surprising that even if South Korea does not oppose Yoon seok-yeol, it will oppose him sooner or later when he takes office.However, unexpected is unexpected. The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair, and no matter who you are, it will not be good for you to intervene. This is China’s consistent policy, and the ROK is not a big country.The real concern is always the second point. Why?Because according to this statement, the United States, Japan and South Korea are going to strengthen their cooperation in three areas, which three areas?Semiconductor chips, rare earths and supply chains.Does everyone smell murder?These three aspects are just the three most serious aspects in the sino-US dispute except the Taiwan issue and the South China Sea dispute. Semiconductors are related to the dividend of the development of the future era, and also affect whether China can get rid of the western monopoly on science and technology and become a scientific and technological power in a real sense.Rare earths and supply chains are the most important weapons in China’s efforts to strengthen its influence in global economic markets.And these three things, too, are different.In terms of threat, semiconductors are the biggest, followed by rare earths, with the smallest supply chain.Semiconductor chips, basically holds the most cutting-edge technology in the United States, and in the production and processing channel, Japan and Korea occupies an important position in the whole semiconductor supply chain, not to mention, the United States also use unscrupulous authorities in the “Taiwan independence” the democratic progressive party (DPP), trying to swallow a TSMC, after has even succeeded in TSMC for confidential data.Therefore, in the short term, the United States side has an absolute advantage in this area, and it is very difficult to deal with this.China has tightened controls on rare earths in recent years.In addition to large supplies, China has a strong technological advantage in rare earths, which is at the heart of its ability to keep prices low and successfully beat the U.S. industry in the past.Rare earths are very polluting to produce and not cheap to produce into tradable finished products.Only China has the related technology, and China has also been constantly breakthroughs, 2019 on output the latest interest “, “soil, separation of China and the United States because of the rare earth industry was completely down, stay in technology but also in the level of a few decades ago, as a result, even if the United States itself can provide a larger source of supply, but the preparation cost,Then the US will have to turn to China, and Japan and South Korea won’t be able to help.Supply chain is even more ridiculous, the United States in recent years to seek to decouple from China, the focus is trying to get rid of China in the supply chain.As a result, they jumped up and down for several years, and finally put their economy on the verge of death.Why is that?China is the only country in the world with strong infrastructure, high productivity, relatively cheap human resources compared to developed countries, and strong production technology.Vietnam is so small that they can eat just one shoe for decades and more than that.India’s poor infrastructure and lack of relevant technology makes decoupling from China impractical.Now the US is going to Japan and South Korea, two developed countries, to develop supply chains, which is even more stupid. Although these two countries have some manufacturing industries, they are far less comprehensive than China, and their labor costs are much higher than China’s.America might as well look to itself.It is not hard to see that the United States is now trying to instigate other countries to continue to decouple from China, and take the opportunity to use chips to attack China, and resolutely not to make China feel better.The semiconductor industry is an issue that China is worried about, and China needs to deal with it properly and seek technological breakthroughs more quickly. If China’s technology is in place, the U.S. will stop trying to curb China and instead seek its help.