The first corrupt official in the Qing Dynasty, when the expropriation of the house but all walls, the emperor said: take a hammer to chisel open the column

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It is easy to ban small things, but difficult to save the end.In The Name of the People, hou Yong opened the refrigerator that scene still impreses the audience.Inspection commission to check the case of corruption, but did not find the imagination of the villa luxury car.Zhao Dehan, a corrupt official, lived in an ordinary house while his huge sum of money was hidden in a refrigerator.As the saying goes, there’s nothing new under the sun.As early as the Qing Dynasty, there was also such a corrupt official, who was greedy of gold and silver treasures.Officers and soldiers raided the property but found his house was empty, many silver were finally found in the pillars, the official is ho-shen.Ho-shen, a famous corrupt official in history, some people say that his family property equated to the qing Dynasty Treasury’s income of 15 years.By that measure, if there were a Forbes list that year, he would definitely be the richest man in the world.How did he get all that money?In a word, greed.But this produced another question, Ho-shen is so greedy, why his immediate superior Qianlong sit idly by?On the contrary, he has been in favor of him for 20 years, and has been promoted and promoted more than 50 times. Why on earth?Before unraveling the mystery, we need to know who ho-shen was in history.People who love to watch TV dramas must have such an impression of Heshen, he is slick, will only sycophant, is a typical negative image.The historical heshen really so it?It’s not.Ho-shen was really good at pleasing the emperor, but if he only knew flattery, he would not have been able to sit in that high position.According to historical records, Ho-shen was intelligent and perceptive, rich in knowledge.He even knows four languages, Manchu, Han, Mongolian and Tibetan, which is unique in the temple.Ho-shen’s career started as a third-class bodyguard beside Qianlong, but he rose to the top in a short period of time because Qianlong had a special interest in him and promoted him to be his henchman.The wild history has related records on this matter.It was said that Ho-shen, when the emperor was angry, answered questions neatly and hit the point straight, so qianlong remembered him.Another theory is that Ho-shen’s ability to blurt out and recite backward some Confucian classics that Qianlong had forgotten led Qianlong to praise his talent.Qianlong was an emperor who loved poetry and books.Ho-shen excelled in talent and surpassed the others. His cleverness and talent won him a unique favor.Ho-shen caught the heart of Qianlong shortly after he entered the bureaucracy, and ho-shen’s career began to take off.Learning is only one reason for ho-shen’s favor, another important reason is that Ho-shen is quick in his work, for example, he only took two months to solve the corruption case of Li Shi-yao, and he is quick in his work, and can always accurately guess what is important.Could Qianlong not like such officials?Later, Qianlong even betrothed the princess to ho-shen’s son.Marrying the emperor, Ho-shen gained great benefits in economy and politics, and the other civil and military officials in the court even lagged behind.Satisfying all the material desires of Qianlong was another way for Heshen to curry favor with Qianlong.In his later years, Qianlong indulged himself in pleasure by relying on his past wealth.And to hold the large-scale events that Qianlong liked, and to complete the royal construction projects, this all needed a lot of silver, then where did the money come from?Emperor Qianlong was in great need of a man like Ho-shen because he could handle official duties and engage in money at the same time.Serving the emperor, Ho-shen raked in a lot of oil and water and collected money by various means, satisfying the emperor and enriching his own pocket.Have to say, heshen accurately grasped qianlong’s psychology.As long as Qianlong was happy and happy, he did not care if Heshen was corrupt.When officials played impeachment and shen, Qianlong also is to deal with the matter hastily.Getting along with shen for so many years, Emperor Qianlong could not live without Heshen in politics and affairs. How could he be prosecuted?Ho-shen is not only good at collecting wealth, but also proficient in the way of officialdom.Relying on Qianlong, heshen in the dynasty limelight without two, long-term hold heavy power.Like other corrupt officials in history, Ho-Shen was also keen on forming cliques and supporting cronies after taking power.He would do anything to squash ministers who opposed him.However, such days are temporary after all.In the sixty-one year of Qianlong, Jiaqing ascended the throne and Qianlong abdicated as the supreme Emperor.Ho-shen was still favored because the real power was still in the hands of Qianlong.But after all, Jiaqing became emperor, so he had to curry favor with him while keeping a wary eye on the new emperor.Emperor Qianlong died in the fourth year of Jiaqing.From then on, Jiaqing no longer had to worry about heshen, and from that day on, Jiaqing showed the world his ruthless and resolute political skills.The next day after Qianlong’s death, Jiaqing dismissed Ho-shen as minister of military machinery.On the seventh day, ho-shen was sent to prison and confiscated, but when the officers and soldiers went to ho-shen’s house to search, they did not find a large amount of property he embezzled, which made the officers and soldiers wonder where the oil and water ho-shen had retrieved for so many years had gone.A soldier found that the pillars of ho-shen’s house were hollow by accident, and he quickly reported the matter to Emperor Jiaqing, but the emperor had a thought in mind and ordered him to cut open the pillars of his house. As it happened, officers and soldiers stole numerous property from the walls and pillars of his house.After preliminary investigation and interrogation, Jiaqing issued the indictment against Ho-shen and committed suicide on the fifteenth day.From the death of Qianlong to the killing of Ho-shen, It took Jiaqing only half a month to deal with the former court official and clear up ho-shen’s accomplices.Jiaqing executed Ho-shen so quickly, didn’t it just because he was corrupt?From the existing inspection list, it can be seen that ho-shen had indeed amassed a great wealth, with a total property equivalent to about 10 million tael of silver, although not as much as 800 million tael in the legend, it was already extremely rich.The huge scale of the property, it seems to cater to the fall and shen Jiaqing eat full argument.But in fact, Ho-shen held power and threatened the new emperor, which was the fundamental reason why Jiaqing began to move against him.Jiaqing himself once instructed that he killed Ho-shen because of the power of ho-shen.If ho-shen, an old minister of the former court, is retained, what can the new emperor do to establish power, Jiaqing will become a puppet.During his four years on the throne, Jiaqing made his own decisions on state affairs.Qianlong also stopped, and shen a mediator official can also be powerful, Jiaqing is impossible to keep him.He took office after the first ho-shen operation, mainly in order to ensure the stability of imperial power.Ho-shen was said to have a witty personality and enjoy joking, but he didn’t think he had played the biggest joke on himself.After he was put in prison, he knew that he would not live long. He said with emotion and poetry, “It was only when I was pregnant that I lost my life.”Ho-shen’s power over the court depends on the protection and connivance of Qianlong.But this was not a lasting solution, and when Ho-shen’s power threatened Jiaqing, his life began to count down, as no emperor would allow his power to slip away and be taken for granted.And jiaqing new emperor ascended the throne, also need to kill him to establish their own authority, consolidate their own regime.Ho-shen flourished like a duck to water during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, but the new emperor ascended the throne but did not know to rein in, still holding the power, such a fate is expected.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!