Pingjiang: zhengfeng Su ji start again

2022-06-06 0 By

On March 17, pingjiang xian in 2022 as a construction meeting the people’s procuratorate and discipline style “big screen, discussion and consolidation” activities to deploy, party secretary and the attorney general li hua chaired the meeting and delivered a speech, county commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee in the county committee disciplinary watchdog group leader China collectors client, deputy head of 15 煕 the guidance, and partial policemen to attend the meeting.Meeting thoroughly study and apply the attorney general in the city and the city of procuratorial organ’s style of deployment requirements, to build a clean government and anti-corruption work meeting summary work in 2021, deployment of main tasks of this year, to mobilize the whole political, policemen burden when, grasp the implementation, diligently the governing party, overall strictly implement the requirements ZhiJian,We will deepen efforts to improve Party conduct and clean government.At the meeting, Yuan Qi, a member of the party group and director of the political department of the Academy, read out the implementation plan of the activity of “big investigation, big discussion and big rectification”.According to the plan, in the next stage, the hospital will focus on seven disciplines, including work style, office order, case handling, attendance, meeting style, fund management, official vehicles and living beyond eight hours.At the meeting, Chinese officials zi reviewed the work of building a clean and honest government of the institute last year, and deeply analyzed the current situation and tasks.He called for strengthening political construction around the “great man of the country”.Second, strengthen “risk prevention and control” centering on “exercise of power”;The third is to “build a tight dam”, to prevent the “four winds” problem;Fourth, we strengthened oversight and discipline enforcement by focusing on the “three evils”.Li Hua stressed that the loss of measures will lead to disaster, cautious words and actions to protect the safety of life, all the curse comes from the fluke psychology;To the position is to pressure the burden, the management of people and affairs to be powerful and proper, the head of the department to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, the team and grasp the work together;Those who break the rules will be punished, and those who dare to act rashly will be severely punished. There are no exceptions to the rules of discipline.Li Hua requested that the discipline and style rectification activity be taken as the starting point to continuously grasp the study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of law.To accurately understand and grasp the judicial policy, good at using political wisdom and legal wisdom to solve problems;To enhance professional ability, post training highlights actual combat training, business competition than advanced and backward, case evaluation to evaluate the pros and cons of high;We need to comprehensively improve our ability to perform our duties, build a competent procuratorial team, and promote the coordinated development of the four major procuratorial agencies and the ten major procuratorial agencies.The message was transferred from the official number: Pingjiang County People’s Procuratorate