Opai wardrobe promotes the change of decoration enterprises and distributors

2022-06-06 0 By

In the current era, the home furnaking industry is also experiencing rapid development and reform. With the change of the whole customized home furnaking ecology, the business model of customized enterprises, home decoration companies and agents is also forced to adjust accordingly.Opai wardrobe insight into the development and change of the industry, after the first introduction of high yan whole custom strategy, again explore the new mode of cooperation between enterprises and dealers, leading the industry upstream and downstream into the high yan custom assembly new mode era.It is reported that at 14:30 on April 8, Opie wardrobe will be held a “new outfit
New expansion “high face custom assembly conference, the first revealed the new mode of cooperation between enterprises and dealers.The event will invite experts in the pan home furnishing industry and a number of strategic partners to discuss the prospect, trend and the full set of landing plans of the new business model of opai wardrobe “high looking custom complete outfit”.The event site will also open the new exhibition hall of Opai wardrobe and the launch ceremony of opai high face custom assembly plan.This conference aims to further solve the development dilemma of home decoration companies and agents through the release of the new business model of “high yan custom assembly”.Under the background of the rapid development of the current industry, home decoration companies are facing the problem of supply chain integration. How to further expand the existing scale and form a good industrial ecology is an urgent problem for them to solve.Meanwhile, agents are also facing the dilemma of development. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the profit space is constantly being squeezed. The positioning and development strategy of agents are also changing.Opai wardrobe “high yan custom complete” new business model is exploring an effective multi-win development model.Opai wardrobe makes use of its own platform advantages and r&d advantages to create differentiated products, attract more high-quality outfit enterprises to join opai’s outfit cooperation category platform, expand the coverage of the industrial chain, get through the key nodes of the upstream and downstream of outfit enterprises, provide perfect industrial ecology for outfit enterprises, and help outfit enterprises to develop rapidly.On the other hand, OpEI wardrobe further integrates the concept of OpEI outfit and the whole customization integration, further promotes the distribution reform. By promoting the dealers to carry out the outfit cooperation, it comprehensively improves the height of their thinking, abandons the traditional dismembered operation concept, and opens a new round of operation strategy reform through “vertical and horizontal”.Opie wardrobe as household custom industry leading enterprises, has always been to innovation and development as the focus of the enterprise breakthrough, the first completed the custom from monomer to high yan the whole custom changes, now the European strategic vision on the industry model innovation again, pushing industry from the customized mass production to the new business model change.This Europe sends to be about to roll out “tall yan is custom-made complete” new business model can be efficient endow agency and decorate a company, have forward-looking strategic and super competitive power, it is expected to lift the new change of household industry again, new agitation.