Escalation between Russia and Ukraine!Putin warns us to send more troops to Poland, Opens Bomb shelters in Ukraine

2022-06-06 0 By

While the world is watching the Winter Olympics, the situation in Eastern Europe has taken on a new twist.On February 5, AFP revealed that US soldiers have arrived in Poland, but this is only the first part of a larger US troop surge that will follow.Poland said the US was doing so to prevent a “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, while the Pentagon stressed that tensions between Russia and Ukraine were very high and the US forces were acting as a precaution.The Russian Foreign Ministry described the US troop increase in Poland as a “destructive move” that would not actually help resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict.At least 200,000 troops are now deployed along the Russian-Ukrainian border. At Luhansk, near the Russian border, Ukraine has built more than 100 kilometers of fence alongside anti-tank trenches and operation points.Ukraine has opened more than 500 bomb shelters in Kiev, saying they could “withstand nuclear bombing” after Russia deployed missiles “capable of reaching Kiev with nuclear warheads” on its border.At a time when large numbers of Russian troops have converged on Ukraine’s border, ukrainians in the east have sharply different attitudes toward Russia.Some Ukrainians have abandoned civilian life and organized armed training on their own, exploring “how to use weapons” and “how to strengthen their defenses.”The Pro-Russian public thinks that even if Russian troops did enter Donbas, it would not really matter.In the country’s hinterland, further away from Russia, most Ukrainians “hate” Russia.These Ukrainians see Russia as the architect of the “annexation” of Crimea and an attempt to divide Ukraine.When the U.S., Britain and Canada withdrew their diplomatic staff from Ukraine, they all chose to send troops to Ukraine. However, Russia did not express strong opposition to the decision, but stressed that it was “stupid” for the U.S. to evacuate its citizens.When the world is worried about the possibility of a war between Russia and Ukraine, an American think tank has revealed a bombshell news.The Heritage Foundation says the Russian military is likely to use tactical nuclear weapons if a conflict breaks out between Russia and NATO.At least three details are worth noting about the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine.First, although the protagonist is Russia and Ukraine, but the director is the United States. Whether Putin will use force against Ukraine depends on whether the United States will “make selective concessions”.The U.S. rejected Russia’s core proposal and made it clear that it would not ban Ukraine from joining NATO, which is tantamount to challenging Russia’s bottom line.When it comes to defending Russia’s security, Mr Putin has few better options than to use his sword.It is not surprising that Russia would use nuclear deterrence if it had to.But for now, Mr Putin’s warnings to NATO do not count for much.Second, the attitudes of onlookers vary.There are plenty of countries, such as America, Britain and Turkey, who are keen to make things worse. There are also plenty of countries, such as Belarus, Iran and Venezuela, who support Russia. But the European Union is treading on eggshells.German Chancellor Angela Scholz has been seeking dialogue with Mr. Putin, and Germany has refused to take sides.On the surface, Germany has warned Russia and threatened Russia with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, but in fact, Germany has not made any provocation against Russia.As Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, has said, no EU member wants a fight with Russia and Ukraine.Germany knows that it is the United States that likes to provoke conflicts and then reap the benefits. If Russia and Ukraine break out in a war and the European Union is forced to impose sanctions on Russia, both sides will lose. Who will challenge the DOLLAR then?If the EU’s attitude is to support America rather than calm restraint, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be hard to control.Third, Ukraine risks inflating the fuse by building a fence on the Russian border, opening bomb shelters in Kiev and allowing American, British and Canadian troops into Ukraine.Russia’s patience has its limits, and Ukraine could end up asking for trouble by pulling chestnuts out of the fire.The U.S. military predicts that if Russian forces besiege Ukraine on three fronts, Kiev could be taken.Ukraine wants to get what it wants from The United States, but it does not want to fall out with Russia outright. But the United States is unlikely to give Ukraine that.Ukraine will indeed have to think twice about what to do next. After all, fighting peoples are not to be messed with.America is not to be relied upon after all. Count on it, Ukraine.