What would have happened if Xiao feng hadn’t died?Jin Yong has foreshadowed that he may become the head of the Vulture Palace

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“Tian long ba bu” is the theme of the “be”, from another perspective, it is also in the interpretation of what is actually “sentient beings are bitter”, the characters in the book no matter what, no matter when he come in what position, almost all had a tragic past, is set in the three protagonists is also life miserable, but had to admire jin yong characterization ability,Even if there are three main characters at the same time, Cha can write their characters completely different, and the three characters have different endings.(SAO feng still) relative to the two YiDi, eldest brother and the worst is the result of SAO feng, he is ultimately choose oneself to death before song liao two ranks, also because of this, SAO feng originally can not die, as long as he can own inner this, he can forget all the past, start a new life, but if he is not dead, he go from here?One, the reason not to die?Why did Xiao Feng die?There may be multiple reasons.Xiao Feng had been living in a lie since he was young. He did not know the truth at that time. Because of this, he had killed many Khitan compatriots for the Song Dynasty during his years of walking around in the rivers and rivers.Secondly, he mistakenly believed kang Min’s calumnade, that Duan Zhengchun was the lead brother, so that his love a Zhu was killed by him, after that, the belief that he lived may only be left “revenge” two words.During the great War between Song and Liao, Xiao Feng saved the Liao Emperor who had been captured by his two loyal brothers, but he also forced the Liao Emperor to retreat, which offended the Liao emperor. As a minister of Liao, he deserved to die.Therefore, Xiao Feng did have many reasons to die, but it is certain that if he did not want to die, in fact, these reasons are not enough for him to “die”.As long as Xiao Feng can reconcile with his heart, he can launch a new life, continue to live, after all, with his one of the gods can also punish evil for Wulin, at the same time also can continue to maintain the peace of the Song Liao, monitoring the every move of the Liao country, once the Liao country has again the heart of the Song Soil, he can stop again.But Xiao feng needed a place to stay. Where should he go?It was impossible for Xiao Feng to return to The Gai gang. As for Xiao Feng, his emotion for his Gai gang was naturally the deepest, but the beggars turned against him because of his khitan identity, which was cold enough for him.From his own point of view, he is afraid it is very difficult to accept his post as the leader of the gai gang, because in that year’s juxian zhuang battle, under his rage is his former good brother Xi elder are killed, if he again when the leader of the Gai gang, these make his heartache of the past will naturally trouble him.Besides the gai gang, he had the best place, when he decided to take A Zi to escape from the Liao palace, he subconsciously mentioned a place, that is, “Misty peak Lingvultures Palace”.The original story says, “Violet said, ‘Well, let’s go.But where are you going, sister?’Xiao Feng said,’ Go to the Ethereal Peak and The Eagle Palace.'” The Misty peak is indeed a good place, it is originally a place isolated from the rest of the world, the Lord of The Spirit Vulture Palace Xu Zhu is his adopted brother, nature can protect him, if Xiao Feng really successfully survived, and went to the spirit vulture Palace, maybe he will become the next master of the spirit Vulture Palace.What kind of person is Xu Zhu?Actually three protagonists, he like broken jade, is to be with someone who doesn’t love martial arts, they are a prince, marble, one is a shaolin monk, was denied river’s lake, they came into contact with all kinds of top siddhi, then involved in a variety of wulin disputes is an accident, even to the end of the book, falsely bamboo also never get used to his gridhrakuta palace the identity of the owner.(dream gu stills) for falsely bamboo, he is always the little monk, but he had already solved all kinds of disciplines, unable to return to the temple, but he has never been a when the Lord of those materials, especially in the new version, gu Li Qinglou married with his dream, the dream gu is dedicate his handmaid XiaoLei broken jade, falsely bamboo also conveniently to chrysanthemum patterns four girls to broken jade,Proof that he doesn’t care about the vulture gang.From the virtual bamboo later did not complete the spirit vulture palace and the school of free and Easy inheritance, his final outcome is mostly with Menggu back to the Western Xia, after all, Menggu is not a jianghu woman, she is the Princess of the Western Xia, which can stand the kind of walking on the edge of a knife day in the lake?Returning to Xixia is their best choice.But if this is true, the problem will come, later in the vulture palace can not only those maids, they also accepted thirty-six holes, seventy-two island people, the gang can not be kind, coupled with little room hill war, Ding Spring and Autumn that help star party of the old department also was included in the Vulture palace, once virtual bamboo retreat, nature is unattended.If SAO feng alive, went to the gridhrakuta palace, that falsely bamboo nine times out of ten will get, will master the location of the gridhrakuta palace to SAO feng, on the one hand can curb the SAO feng for the wicked, on the other hand is also able to SAO feng gridhrakuta palace the identity of the owner to continue putting the punishing in wulin, “Draco sequel” story can be around him.But Jin Yong wrote Xiao Feng dead, broken all possibilities.