The latest!Three new confirmed cases have been reported in Shenzhen, bringing the total to 11.

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According to the wechat official account released by Shenzhen on February 3, after the outbreak of “0131”, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Government attached great importance to it. The Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters took immediate action to “expand coverage, deepen, speed up and close the loop”.Accurate science, comprehensive and meticulous tracing of the source of the epidemic, speed up the prevention of the spread of the virus.On February 3, 3 new cases were reported in Shenzhen, all of which were found in close contacts and key groups, bringing the total number of cases to 11.All the new cases are shiyan Street case 9: male, 72 years old, living in Lane 8, Xiaxin Village, Luotong Community, Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, staff in the control area, diagnosed as COVID-19 confirmed cases (mild).Case 10: FEMALE, 41 years old, living in Yunxi Valley, Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, close contact in centralized isolation, diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).Case 11: MALE, 20 years old, living in Longma Community, Langxin Community, Shiyan Street, Bao ‘an District, staff of the control area, diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).The three new cases were found in close contacts and key populations.The activity tracks of the new cases involved supermarkets, farmers’ markets and shopping malls, and the main activity tracks of the 3 cases in recent days are as follows:Shiyan old market riverside store, xing Xing Shi Yan market, Jia Tesco chain supermarket (Luo Rent industrial Avenue store), Yun Ji breakfast store (Xing Xing Shi Yan market store), Hongyuan Flower and nursery stock Industrial Park, Lizhiyuan Nail salon, Xing Cheng Shopping center, 1 dian dian (Shi Yan Sheng makeup department store).At present, tracing the source of “0131” in Shenzhen is in progress. Relevant municipal and district departments are comprehensively tracing the activity track and contact information of the 11 cases in the past 14 days, and all the close contacts and sub-close contacts tracked have been controlled as required.The close contacts and sub-close contacts outside the city have been issued a letter of assistance and the control is in place.The novel Coronavirus genome of cases 5, 7 and 8 has been sequenced by Shenzhen CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, and the sequencing results were omicron variant strain (BA.1 evolutionary branch).By comparison and in combination with the epidemiological investigation, the novel Coronavirus sequences of cases 5, 7 and 8 were highly homologous to those of cases 1-4.For case 6, due to the low viral load of the sample, the full genome sequence of the virus was not obtained and thus could not be classified.Sequencing of other cases is under way.The work place and residence of all the cases have been controlled, and nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out at key places where the cases were active.Continue to strengthen the investigation and management of general contacts and key groups in accordance with the principle of “all should be inspected”.Baoan District imposed temporary traffic control on all roads in and out of Shiyan Street (except for high-speed crossings) from the early morning of Feb 3.Five highway intersections have been temporarily closed, nine municipal road intersections and one highway intersection have been temporarily controlled.During the control period, people and vehicles can only enter and leave the shiyan Street area in principle. Except for the necessary vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, emergency rescue and material support and trans-area public transport, other vehicles are prohibited from leaving the Shiyan Street area.Those who really need to go in or out for medical treatment must put on record and present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.At the same time, 10 emergency transfer vehicles and five ambulances have been put on standby to meet people’s needs for emergency medical treatment.Personnel outside the city back to deep advice within 48 hours of a nucleic acid negative prove the lunar New Year holiday will travel peak, shenzhen to recent (return) deep personnel to make a special note: nearly 14 days in high risk areas and local city in history to positive cases report (return) deep, must be the first time to the community, work unit or the hotel report;People who have been to or returned to shenzhen from land border port cities in the past 14 days shall carry out “four-one” health management and “14-day self-health monitoring” (” four-one “health management includes one health notice, one health inquiry, one health code check and one nucleic acid test).Before returning to shenzhen, it is recommended that people from outside the city hold negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours. If there is no proof, a Novel coronavirus nucleic acid test should be completed within 48 hours after deep-setting and self-health monitoring should be strengthened.Colleges and universities or enterprises with a large number of migrant workers may require students or migrant workers to return to school or work with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;All organs, enterprises and institutions should urge their personnel to take the initiative to declare the Spring Festival itinerary when they return to shenzhen.At the same time, the Shenzhen government hotline 12345 has set up special personnel on duty for epidemic prevention and control to receive all kinds of telephone consultations including epidemic prevention and control work.A new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Zhongkai District of Huizhou, according to the official wechat account released by Huizhou on The evening of February 3.Details are as follows: On February 3, a new case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Zhongkai District, Huizhou city, which was found in the controlled access screening.The newly confirmed case is zheng, a 43-year-old female, who lives in Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai District, Huizhou city. She is a family member of Weng, who was reported to have been infected in Zhongkai District on February 1.He was quarantined and controlled on January 31, and nucleic acid tests were negative on January 31 and February 1.In the early hours of February 3rd, the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid initial test in Citic Huizhou Hospital was positive, and the re-test in Huizhou CDC was positive on the morning of February 3rd.She has been transferred to Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital for treatment in isolation and has been diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild) in stable condition.At present, 12 secret contacts and 13 secondary secret contacts have been investigated, and all of them have been quarantined and controlled. Further flow adjustment work is being carried out.The residence of the case has been controlled, and nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out at the place where the case has been active.Edit | founded town propaganda style tourism office review | | shenzhen frogn, Luo Zhentang, ailing li ying source release, huizhou, guangzhou daily share point