500 kilograms of vegetables for the elderly home

2022-06-05 0 By

On March 30, in tieshangang district ju Tang village committee vegetable planting base, the city funeral house, the city love volunteers association volunteers put fresh cabbage into sacks, waiting to be loaded to the surrounding nursing home, to help protect the elderly and staff of the “basket”.Reporters learned that this batch of vegetables is nankang town Xia Tang village out of poverty li Shikang planted.Lee, who was lifted out of poverty in 2016, applied for a vegetable shed to grow vegetables.Through scientific planting and management, vegetables grow well and harvest well.”Thanks to the good policies of the Party and the state and the help of village officials, I was able to shake off poverty.In my most difficult time, it was the care of the town Party Committee and the government that helped me tide over the difficulties. Now that MY life is well, I also want to give back to society.”Li Shikang told reporters, he learned through the news, fresh vegetables are relatively tight around the current, and some nursing home location is relatively remote, buy vegetables is not convenient, then the initiation of the nursing home to send free food idea.He has sent out love vegetables many times.After a morning of hard work, volunteers from the city funeral center and the city volunteer Association of Love picked about 500 kilograms of cabbage.In the afternoon, the fresh cabbages were delivered to three nursing homes and eight needy families in Tieshangang district and Hepu County.(Beihai Daily)