The top 30 list of medical colleges was released, and Concorde ranked only the fourth. Xiangya began to decline

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In order to become a qualified health care worker, She first had to enroll in a medical college.In the past years, medical majors and universities have a high degree of enthusiasm.Affected by the epidemic, the angels in white have been recognized and respected by the public.These most beautiful rebels and death race to protect the safety of the masses.Most students want to be a doctor since childhood, study hard and study hard, determined to get a higher score in the college entrance examination.Generally speaking, the medical profession is the preserve of students with excellent grades.Get into a medical school with both reputation and strength.After all, medical knowledge is too numerous and difficult to understand, so it takes five years of undergraduate study.It is difficult to go on the road of medicine without a good understanding and a good sense of faith.The biggest headache for high school students is how to choose a medical school.As a layman, it’s good to look at any medical school.Almost every school will treat clinical as their trump card, and it’s hard to know what the differences are.The latest rankings of medical schools have appeared, and candidates can check them out in advance.China has more than 150 medical schools of different levels and types, and the ranking will be interpreted from many aspects.Including but not limited to research capacity, clinical strength and educational resources, the top 30 medical schools are selected.Looking at the overall list, there are roughly four grades.The first tier wins by reputation and is mostly known to the public as 985 and 211 universities.Medical schools with this status have an advantage, and the value of medical students is still very high.Both in scientific research and in education, they are at the top level.Graduates can get the opportunity to study and work in well-known hospitals. The future development trend is very good, and it is not a problem to become the founder or leader of the discipline.The second-level universities mainly focus on the dominant disciplines.The overall strength of universities may be slightly worse, but some subjects perform well in various evaluations.Among them, the most representative is the stomatology major of West China Medical College.It occupies one of the top two positions in the country and has a high voice.Military medical colleges are in the third tier, although not very famous, but are 211 key construction universities.The former second, third and fourth military medical universities are strong.The threshold for military medical schools is higher, not only with fairly high scores, but also with military recruitment criteria.Medical students graduated from military medical universities do not have to worry about employment problems, the development prospects in the army is broader, enviable.The last level covers medical schools in all provinces of the country.Don’t think provincial medical schools are weak. They can be a dark horse.Many candidates choose medical schools in the province simply because they don’t want to go too far from home.After graduation, I could work directly in the affiliated hospital of the school, and everything was so smooth.Guangzhou Medical University is the best in this category, no less famous and competent.Candidates can choose according to their own situation.After looking at the overall distribution, let’s take a look at the rankings of individual institutions.The top ten are mostly familiar universities. The Department of Medical Sciences of Shanghai University of Medicine won the championship, which is inseparable from its efforts in recent years.With a score of 304.64.Peking University Medical College and Shanghai Medical College followed, but still lacked in scientific research.The strength of the top three is indeed very strong, but the well-known Union Medical College ranks the fourth, which is hard to understand. After all, Union medical College is not weak in education.The comprehensive score is only 264.94, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in clinical strength.If Concorde failed to live up to expectations, xiangya’s ranking was a big surprise.The school is one of the four Kings of old medicine.Xiangya has been on the decline in recent years, being overtaken by some newly established medical schools.In this year s ranking, it ranked 10th.And the same as one of the four heavenly Kings of Sichuan University West China Medical Center, more than 10 points.We should know that Xiangya has always been recognized as the strength of universities, lonely so far can not help but sigh.However, Xiangya should not lose heart. It should readjust its status and make more efforts in scientific research, educational resources and clinical strength, so that it can return to the top.Medical schools are very different from other schools, not only in terms of learning and employment, but they are also scattered.It can be said that each province has a small famous medical school, students in various cities can be assured of signing up.Becoming a qualified doctor is hard, and the road to medicine is harder than you think.The public often only see doctors with high income and high social status, but it is difficult to know how much frustration and training they have gone through.It takes at least 15 years for a medical student to become a leading expert in a particular field.It’s easy to change careers in mid-stream if you don’t have enough passion.Candidates who want to study medicine must think clearly. Once they start, there is no going back.Daily question: How do you think the strength of Xiangya Medical College?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Yuan Ma talk about education (photo source network, if there is infringement contact deleted)