The second Spring Festival of African doctors: New Year’s Eve with dishes and family reunion

2022-06-04 0 By

Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 1 (reporter Wang Kaining) “New Year!”At 3 PM local time on January 31, 9 doctors of the 15th Chinese medical team sent to Africa in Wuhan, Lesotho, made dumplings while wishing each other a happy New Year.It was their second Spring Festival in Lesotho. Zhang Jun, deputy director of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wuhan No. 7 Hospital, joked: “It’s unique luck to spend two Spring Festivals in a foreign country.”Zhang jun told Changjiang Daily via wechat that the medical team arrived in Lesotho on December 17, 2020.They were originally scheduled to return in January, but omicron ravaged Africa, delaying their return until March.Due to the epidemic, the planned New Year’s Eve dinner had to be cancelled.”We eat strictly on separate meals now.Every day the medical team’s cooks divide the dishes for us and we carry them back to our rooms to eat.”Chen Rui, an attending cardiologist at wuhan No. 3 Hospital, told Changjiang Daily that he could not return to China for the Spring Festival and had a six-hour time difference, so he had to take a tray to his family and show them the dumplings.Doctor Yuanfei on New Year’s Eve with a plate and family cloud reunion, to see the family they pack dumplings.(Screenshot from video) The Wuhan medical team assisted The Bemote Bon Hospital in Leri, Lesotho.Zhang said the Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China, and according to the agreement between the two countries, Chinese doctors can have holidays from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day.”But we’re all on call.I turn on my mobile phone 24 hours a day, and sometimes I get calls from overseas Chinese asking about my medical condition. When there is an emergency operation that the hospital cannot handle, I come to help.”In a video taken by the medical team, a Reporter from Changjiang Daily saw that it was summer in Lesotho and the team was wearing short-sleeved wrappers.”Having homemade dumplings in a foreign land with so many like-minded peers is an unforgettable life experience.”Star said.Chen’s two children are in primary school, and his wife, a teacher at Wuhan College, is also busy at work.”My mother is getting old and doesn’t know the way. Everyone else has grandparents to pick her up. Our family is totally dependent on my wife.Aid Africa more than a year, think of family, Chen Rui is full of missing and guilt.”Without the understanding and support of our families, we, a group of Chinese doctors, would not be able to live in Lesotho with peace of mind.”Then Chen rui said passionately, “If you marry a wife like this, what else can a husband ask for?I’ll make it up to my wife when I get back…”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.