Severe punishment for drunk driving, Taiwan people hope to travel safely

2022-06-04 0 By

Jin Chen, People’s Daily Overseas Edition (February 26, 2022 edition 04) In Taiwan, when friends and relatives get together on festivals, “drinking together” and “singing together” are indispensable links.However, some unwitting drivers have chosen to drink on the road, causing innocent casualties again and again, becoming a major hidden trouble affecting travel safety.A total of 82,000 people were caught drunk driving in Taiwan in 2020, 289 people were killed and hundreds of families lost their dreams due to drunk driving.To severely punish drunk driving and ensure the safety of travel environment has become the urgent expectation of all circles in the island.Related regulations such as “increased punishment for drunk driving” came into effect in January this year in the face of repeated violations of drunk driving.Under the new rules, those who fail to cause drunk driving will receive up to three years in prison, up from two years, plus a fine of up to 300,000 Taiwan dollars (NT $).Drink-driving offenders will be fined 1 million to 3 million yuan.However, despite the shock of “the most severe punishment in history”, various drink-driving offences continue to occur on the island.During this year’s Spring Festival holiday, more than 800 cases of drunk driving violations were handled across Taiwan, with more than 70 cases in Taipei and The New North region alone.Although the number of drink-driving cases has decreased compared to last Year’s Spring Festival, there are still many drivers who drink and drive.”Taiwan has always been strict in legislation and lenient in law enforcement.”According to a person in charge of the Taiwan Drunk Driving Prevention and Social Care Association, the road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations revised in 2019 strictly stipulate that those who have had their driver’s license revoked for drunk driving must first complete education or treatment for alcohol addiction before applying for a license. Otherwise, they will be fined less than 12,000 yuan. As a result, only 4% of them have implemented the regulations so far.”It takes a lot of supporting measures to punish drunk driving. If the law is not enforced until it is effective, it will become a joke.”The chief said.Unlike Taiwan, the mainland has made remarkable progress in cracking down on drunk driving in recent years.Some Taiwan media pointed out that apart from strict and effective law enforcement, what is more important for the Mainland to effectively curb drunk driving is the establishment of a set of economic and social governance mechanism, which makes the whole society dare not, do not, not easy to drink driving conditions, which is worth learning from Taiwan.Thanks to the innovation and popularity of smart phones and e-commerce, the mainland’s representative driving industry has started rapidly under the active support of the “Internet plus” strategy, which not only increases the development of emerging industries and employment opportunities, but also provides a safe and convenient solution for “drinking instead of driving”.In addition, the Mainland also relies on social forces to control the problem of drunk driving. Through public service advertisements, the majority of traffic participants are warned and educated about drunk driving, and the illegal behaviors of drunk driving are listed in the credit investigation system, and financing and mortgage loans are restricted, so as to form a joint punishment mechanism.In Taiwan, on the other hand, due to the constraints of traditional industries and network financial innovation, the development of the designated driving industry is slow.Some drivers are willing to risk driving drunk for convenience, and the police crackdown on drunk driving is also caught in a cat-and-mouse game.Some people in the island said that Taiwan should view the strengths and strengths of the mainland objectively and learn from them humbly when it comes to public governance issues such as drunk driving.If authorities are still in the process of governance of drunk driving on rigid “gruelling” power, alone will not be able to use economic leverage, through technological innovation to form effective management pattern, let people out of luck, seeking alternatives, “don’t drink and drive” will still be so drunk driving in Taiwan is endangering the safety of public transportation, a “time bomb”.Source: Overseas edition of People’s Daily