E-sports chair “broken circle” into furniture

2022-06-04 0 By

After EDG won the league of Legends championship last year, Meng Chuan, an intern reporter of dong-A Ilbo, brought the e-sports industry into the spotlight again and made e-sports chairs known to more and more consumers.A report shows that the rapidly developing e-sports industry has ignited consumer enthusiasm for e-sports chairs, and e-sports chairs have become one of overseas consumers’ favorite goods for the Spring Festival.In fact, electric race chair broke the limitation of onefold application scene already, enter each scene in the life, more rely on its “healthy” attribute, captured a batch of consumers.In fact, e-sports chair is known by consumers cannot leave the development of e-sports industry.According to the 2021 China Esports Industry Research Report, the overall market size of esports in 2020 is nearly 150 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 29.8%.From this point of view, the future of the domestic e-sports chair has a broad market development space.Esports chair sales figures also show this.During last year’s “Double 11”, the turnover of e-sports chairs on Tmall increased by more than 300% year-on-year.The consumer group of e-sports chair is more and more extensive, and the consumer demand is more and more diversified.At present, the application scene of esports chair is no longer limited to a single game scene, and the consumer group is not only professional esports players and ordinary esports players.With the emergence of home office, home online classes and other scenarios, e-sports chair has been widely used in consumers’ work, study and other places.For ordinary consumers, the scene of placing e-sports chairs is generally at home, which also means that e-sports chairs meet the “e-sports” attribute, but also with the “furniture” attribute.For ordinary consumers, they will choose more professional e-sports chair brands and products, but also pay special attention to the matching of the appearance design of e-sports chair and home decoration.For bedroom, e-sports room and other home scenes, different styles of e-sports chairs into the personalized home decoration space more popular with ordinary consumers, to achieve the extension of the crowd and the scene.Consumers have diversified demands for e-sports chairs. For example, non-e-sports user groups such as programmers will also join the consumption ranks of e-sports chairs for the pursuit of healthy and comfortable experience.For professional esports players and experienced players, the “healthy” nature of esports chairs is essential.Sitting for long periods of time, as well as high levels of exertion while playing games, can cause a number of health problems.According to e-sports physiotherapy professionals, e-sports hand disease is chronic, more need is long-term health management.Therefore, how to make e-sports chair with “health” attributes through the diversification of functions, to provide more comfortable e-sports chair products for professional people, is the focus of product iteration of professional e-sports chair brands.However, despite the growth in sales and the popularity of esports chairs among consumers, there are problems with single functions, a lack of innovation, and the same product design and appearance.This also means that after e-sports chair enters the family by e-sports wind, it also needs to make “customized” changes according to the family consumption environment, and constantly find a balance between consumers’ “e-sports” needs and “personalized design” needs.Analysts within the industry believe that domestic e-sports chair is mainly based on small and medium-sized enterprises, low investment in research and development, resulting in low product quality.In order to break through the status quo, it is necessary to invest more money in the design and development of esports chairs to improve consumer experience.In the face of the expansion of the crowd and the change of demand, production enterprises obviously need to do more “homework”.In short, the consumer group of e-sports chair has begun to spread from professional e-sports hand groups to ordinary consumers.In the future, in addition to the need to meet deeper functional experience, the expansion of the consumption scene, also put forward requirements for the diversified development direction of esports chair.Source: Consumer Daily