China is making big strides into new energy, and energy storage is about to explode

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China strides into new energy, green low-carbon cycle development of the industrial system requires to improve the installed capacity of scenery, storage is bound to be a big industry in the future, is a huge track!Not only power plants, but also charging stations using peaks and troughs to store energy will be a big industry.As China’s installed power generation capacity is rapidly transferred to solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, although these two power generation operations are green, sustainable and pollution-free, their fluctuations are very large.For example, from January to May of 2021, wind power generation in northeast China accounted for 33.9% of industrial electricity consumption, more than one third, but the output at the trough was less than half of the peak.At the heart of the massive power shortages in Europe and the northeast was a period of poor wind power.According to the national plan, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic will be no less than 1.2 billion kilowatts by 2030.Therefore, the current peak power must be completely unable to meet the future demand, and the energy storage must be just needed.Although there is water energy storage power generation, but can not be widely promoted, and the loss of energy consumption is large, less than the loss of battery.Therefore, a lot of wind power generation capacity is now required to configure the corresponding energy storage facilities.For example, State Grid Shandong issued requirements starting from 2020 that the energy storage configuration scale of photovoltaic power station projects participating in bidding in Shandong in 2020 should be considered according to 20% of the installed capacity of the project, and the energy storage time should be 2 hours.According to local reports, the proportion of energy storage in each province is between 5% and 20%, and the energy storage duration is generally required to be 2 hours or more.This shows that the market for energy storage has begun to become a demand.China’s current demand can already lead to an energy storage industry chain.At present, there are pumped storage, compressed air, molten salt and battery.Although 90% of the current capacity is pumped storage, as shown in Figure 2, qinghai directly uses reservoir and solar energy, the most promising is storage battery, because the recovery coefficient of pumped storage is 0.75, and the energy of chemical battery is more than 0.95.Lithium-ion batteries are too expensive, lead-acid batteries are too heavy and lead to too little capacity and too few cycles. Sodium batteries are the most promising.Because the sodium battery material is cheap, and the sodium battery is very good resistance to high and low temperatures.So this product will probably have sodium batteries in the future.Sodium ion battery, the ultimate goal should be to achieve a construction cost of 300 yuan per kilowatt hour, if the cycle life of 6000 times, equivalent to the construction cost of 5 cents per kilowatt hour life cycle.Of course, there are operating costs, such as scale cost amortization, it is estimated to achieve a comprehensive cost of 0.1 yuan.It is estimated that the general cost in 2030 can be about 0.13 yuan, plus the cost of solar energy in the future 0.2 yuan, 0.33 yuan of online costs, which can be fully supported.The current 2 hours of storage is just a start, because of the half-day effect of solar energy, storage may need to reach more than 12 hours to meet the requirements of continuous power generation.In addition, there is a large gap between peaks and troughs in electricity price at present, which can be used for arbitrage of electricity price gap in commercial charging stations.When the cost of storage falls to two cents per kilowatt hour, it explodes, because that’s much bigger than the peak-trough spread.Small household photovoltaic power storage is also easy for the whole society to make a mica mica, to meet their home electricity Internet access.You can also use the ability to arbitrage peaks and troughs.Chinese cars are already rapidly switching to electrification, China’s oil imports are starting to decline, and demand for 200 gigawatts of installed capacity a year on the country’s electricity grid is estimated to continue until 2030.Subsequent estimates of additional storage would need to reach 400 million kilowatt-hours per year, or 40 million kilowatts of power capacity, to meet initial requirements.This is really a huge industry and China is going to dominate it!I wish you all a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Tiger!