Yang Zishan peng Guanying interprets “Two Conjectures of Marriage” to open a new world of magic marriage

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In the Internet era, when “big data flash marriage” becomes possible, what kind of magical existence will marriage become?Two Kinds of Marriage, a new TV series starring Yang Zishan and Peng Guanying, will open the young generation’s new imagination about marriage through a witty and clever plot.This light like wind city emotion drama will youku start tonight, the audience will be in this person set acme, topic novel, rhythm times the speed of the wonderful drama, to face the sweet and pain of marriage life, and then understand “there is no best marriage, only we can become better” the true meaning.In recent years, there are many urban love and marriage dramas, but most of them dig deeply in the place of life, with novel and unique contents from rare angles.”Two Conjectures of Marriage” accurately presents the mirror image of The Times, capturing everything that young people are experiencing, with a strong sense of empathy, giving young people a warm pleasure of “understanding me”.”The marriage of the two kinds of conjecture” directed by xue-song liu, Yang Jingdong, jin-song luo as a producer, starring cast includes Yang Zishan, Peng Guanying, Lin, zhiwei zhao speaking, other delectable, su, ZhangHe, hong yue, tian liang, xilin zhang, such as the strength of the actors, witty about 30 Shen Mingbao professional women, and the experience of “beauty Bai Fu Xue Kexin respective flash marriage”,But the two different marriages experience the same ups and downs of life.In the drama, female white-collar Shen Mingbao is very clear to his life planning, marriage career two not by mistake, set a target “get married in a year, give birth to baby in two years”, she passes resume, locked quickly “program ape” Yang Zheng, two people test match degree of love and marriage with emotion test software again, match of equal social status, tie the knot.And the boudoir honey that another pair of new appointmentis Shen Mingbao — 30 years old rich family daughter Xue Kexin, developed with fitness coach “elder sister younger brother is in love”, to narrow the status gap of 2 people, have to perform “install poor” play code, make a person be between tears and smiles.”Anti-urge marriage”, “algorithmic speed dating” and “off-year love” are all “new ecology” in young people’s love and marriage, which came quickly and caught people off guard. Two Conjectures of Marriage keeps up with the changes of The Times, absorbing and accommodating these phenomena, and even puts forward thought-provoking questions.For example, does a woman’s marriage mean a career concession?Will children and a house drag down the quality of a marriage?Where will marriage go for the “strange couple” with strong women and weak men?And take this question, the marriage of two suspected plot to “fly” for a while, and then staged a daughter-in-law mother-in-law zhi dou together husband, giants son-in-law rise the plot of the counter attack, “the marriage of the two kinds of guess, is to face up to life in such a relaxed way of heavy, took the pursuit of the better love patterns and to face the world.Unlike some works with simplification, profiling women set to emphasize “women grow up”, “female consciousness”, “the marriage of the two kinds of guess” will be vivid and full of women, the play both Shen Mingbao clever and forge ahead, and Xue Kexin mature self-confidence, their life career is not plain sailing.But they take the criteria of growth into their own hands and dare to stumble in pursuit of true happiness.Come out between what love is, is that everything has its vanquisher., creators, “the marriage of the two kinds of conjecture” tried “routine” show the whole messy, marriage life is still a feather, mixed, but in light comedy shell, wrapped around the core of realism, embodies the “pain and happy life”, “for the Internet,A good “algorithm” comes from iterating through each step, and so does life.I hope that by examining marriage in the Internet age, the series will help people feel more fulfilled, responsible and courageous in love.”