This’ boring ‘artist fills cans with crystals for meditative reasons

2022-06-03 0 By

In recent years, we have seen a lot of creative art creation, artists break the convention, into the creation of new ideas and personal perspective, brand new work to bring a unique visual experience.It is often said that the worst thing in artistic creation is the lack of innovation. However, sometimes too much can be a bad thing. Recently, we have seen many controversial works of art, which make people confused whether to encourage or ridicule.Recently, Jiang noticed another artist who inserts crystals into a can. Before you make fun of him, understanding his intention may change our perception of this.The artist from Sam Keller is very good at finding inspiration from everyday objects, and the artist likes to incorporate some criticism of real life problems into his creations.Of course, much of Sam Keller’s art comes from everyday life, and he doesn’t use new materials if he can use old ones, or buy ones if he can pick them up.This is not to say that the artist is “frugal”, but in the process of creation, he always practices the concept of environmental protection.As mentioned above, Sam Keller inlaid crystals on the cans, not because he was boring, but because he wanted to criticize the excessive packaging of the capital market and make people unconsciously fall into the trap of consumerism through such works.I don’t know if you realize that sometimes when you buy a product, you have forgotten the purpose of buying it.Like a can of soft drink, you need it to taste good and quench your thirst, but you have to pay for its colorful and constantly updated packaging.Or maybe you don’t need a can but will buy it because the packaging looks good.In order to make people aware of their own needs, Sam Keller decided to use a series of satirical works to make people wake up.The artist found discarded and broken cans in the surrounding rubbish dumps and covered them with colourful crystals, making them a shiny and attractive drink can.Try to ask, such a only beautiful, useless beverage can, will someone buy her home?The answer is yes, of course, and people are seriously reflecting on their own behavior as they answer this question.”When someone starts to reflect, their intentions are fulfilled,” Says Sam Keller.Do not know you after reading, whether to own consumption behavior have some reflection?