The Federation of Trade Unions in Wuda District of Wuhai city has arranged the work objectives and tasks of building harmonious labor relations in 2022

2022-06-03 0 By

On February 9th, the Federation of Trade Unions of Wuda District, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia held a special meeting to arrange and deploy the work objectives and tasks of building harmonious labor relations in 2022.In order to continue to accomplish the task of building harmonious labor relations in 2022, wuda District Federation of Trade Unions should pay close attention to the following five aspects: strengthening the construction of labor relations coordination mechanism.Improve the tripartite mechanism for coordinating labor relations, regularly analyze and analyze the situation of labor relations, and do a good job in risk prevention and control;We will strengthen labor supervision.Regulate the employment of enterprises in accordance with the law, whether the signing of labor contracts, wage arrears, overtime and other illegal acts that damage the rights and interests of workers, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers;Strengthen enterprise employment management and guidance.Standardizing dispatch labor and economic layoffs of enterprises in accordance with the law.Strengthen the guidance and service of enterprise labor and employment, build employment guidance platform, take a variety of measures to actively serve the newly registered enterprise labor and employment;We will promote harmonious labor relations.We will fully implement the three-year action plan for improving the capacity of harmonious labor relations.Further promote the creation of harmonious labor relations, to achieve innovation in ways and methods;Extensive publicity activities on labor relations will be carried out.Adopt flexible and diversified forms to widely publicize laws, regulations and policies on labor relations, guide and help enterprise workers to know the law and abide by it.(Liu Meiyan)