Lake’s lake story: first-class eldest brother help, add generation conquer Xizhimen old cannon, for the opponent

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Strength makes classic, success is no accident!1992 Spring Festival.Jiadai and Beijing’s old cannon Xizhimen elephant two people in heaven and earth made an appointment, fixed point knock.When it comes to this, elephants are in the right place at the right time.The place is in Beijing, the territory of the elephant is in the Xicheng district, time is in the Spring Festival, the elephant also found a good old man Yinhai, Song Jianyou, a total of 200 people.It’s a little unrealistic for Jia Dai to transfer someone from Shenzhen to Beijing during the Spring Festival.How to do?Add belt to call the south city a brother Du Cub.Du Cub in 49 cities is definitely a resounding figure.”Brother, I have something to ask you. I have a fight with Xizhimen Elephant.”Du Cub said, “Stop it! Brother Cub will find 100 people for you!”Gardai inadvertently spit out a word “cool”!Bai Xiaohang also devoting to force, also to find 30 to the number of people.But Bai Xiaohang secretly do this thing by the eldest brother Yan boss know.Yan eldest brother called bai Xiaohang, “xiao Hang ah, I heard you find someone, want to do what ah?”White small hang: “eldest brother, we help add generation dozen xizhimen elephant.”Yan big boss: you help jia Dai to fight is not impossible, you this matter you can’t tell me?Bai Xiaohang: Oh, eldest brother, are you angry?I have a good relationship with Gardai!Yan: No matter how good your relationship with Gardai is, don’t you have to tell me?How many people can you get?!You told me I could help you find it.”From The words of Yan boss, friends must also hear the meaning: Yan boss also want to and add generation more close, but also know that add generation no one.Yan boss found more than 100 people, plus Du Cub 100 people, has more than 200 people.When Jiadai took the 200 people to Xizhimen, the elephant was confused and asked, “Is that Du’s car?”Lang Yinhai: Yeah!Elephant: Is that Big Yan’s car?Song Jianyou: Yeah.The elephant looks at lang Yinhai and Song Jianyou: How did Du Cub and Yan Jing come?Add generation here a car stop, add generation down, add generation walk in front, Du Cub and Yan Jing followed.It’s obvious that I’m being flattering.Although the elephant said a little confused, but behind so many brothers do not know to shrink back.Du Cub came over and pointed at the elephant. “You didn’t look at me?”The elephant heard this and said: Young brother, I’m quite surprised that you can come.After all the years we’ve known each other, how could you help him beat me?Du Cub ignored him and pointed to the brothers behind the elephant, “I tell you, today, the people who are helping the elephant to fight Jiadai are all my enemies. Those who know better, hurry and get out.”Du Cub said so, the elephant behind the people are chattering to talk in succession, obviously people began to chaos.Add generation a look at the opportunity, a wave, bai Xiaohang and zuo Shuai went up.These two guys are alive and active, left shuai yanhu two 50 war rushed into the crowd, “kaka to open stabbed, Bai Xiaohang known as” Haidian War god “is not ambiguous.When kadai’s brothers saw the elephant, they also came up, and when they saw that the elephant was about to lose their power, they were about to be captured.With so many people fighting around here, the neighborhood reported a quick arrest.When the hunt came, both sides scattered.When both sides withdraw, the injured brother will have to go to the hospital.Jiadai to pay his brother’s hospitalization fees, saw a familiar figure – Xizhimen elephant.At that time elephant this call, “hai ge, have money, lend me some?””No.””Have elder brother, have money, lend me some money?I have to pay my brothers’ hospital bills.”The elephant had no money to pay the hospital fees for his brothers, which all let Jia Dai see in the eyes.Then, while paying for his brother’s hospitalization, Gardai also paid ten thousand yuan for the elephant’s.When the elephant knew this, he was very grateful to Gardai.After making the phone call to Jia Dai, they said that they had turned their swords into swords.From then on, the elephant and Gaday became very good friends.