Have love in your heart and be grateful for what you have in your life.It won’t be cold this winter

2022-06-03 0 By

This year has been a little quiet, the first day of the New Year is so quietly across.Past days, gains and losses, not clear number.But a turn around, a look back, time has become memories.Speaking of winter, can think of what kind of picture.Hot dumplings in winter, baked sweet potatoes, chestnuts with sugar in the palm of your hand, and the temperature of your hand.All the year round, compare still like winter a bit more.Especially in the northern winter, everyone has a more leisure and relaxed.Because you can accompany the children to play in the snow, especially in the home heating room, scattered in the TV play is very comfortable.If summer gives people a feeling of publicity and romance, the cold winter, more exudes a calm and introverted atmosphere.This feeling makes people aftertaste, long, warm…Every Spring Festival day, but also their own cooking time.Friends and relatives get together, they sit next door to eat snacks chat.And I was in full swing in the kitchen, ingredients stir-fry, lampblack overflow, a, a plate, let them eat with relish.When others taste the fruits of their labor, there will be a small sense of achievement!When there is no outsider, the family can cook some porridge and make some home-cooked dishes, but also eat the feeling of delicious food.Perhaps the essence of life is ordinary porridge a meal, trivial days.The Spring Festival is a bit cold, with heavy snow in the north.Cold air is also coming from the south.But the shining warm greetings, warm blessings, details of the chatter, from the heart of care, at the moment my heart warm.