Germany’s Winter Olympic team Is in celebration mode

2022-06-03 0 By

Volkswagen network · poster news reporter Anleilei Wang Xuansong reported recently, a German Winter Olympics with the team coach Sean shake sound video, once again circle a wave of winter Olympics fever.In the video, the German Winter Olympic team has started the mode of celebration. The exciting music, the free dance, the skiing clothes lying on the ground to be dried in the sun, and a bottle of Tsingtao beer in his hand become the highlight of the video. Sean’s video completely shows the joyful mood of the German athletes participating in the competition in Beijing.In his comments, Sean’s “is good Drink” was a nod to the century-old Tsingtao beer brand, and their unbridled dance was a nod to The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which the Chinese people were proud of.