A peek into the romantic fairytale castle of Medieval Slovakia

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Bojnice Castle is a stunning castle in Slovakia, with its turquoise turrets and warm stone facades that give it a dreamy feel.The castle is one of the most visited in the world, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.The castle’s fairytale beauty makes it a popular location for fantasy films.Bojnice Castle stands on a rocky hill overlooking the town of Bojnice, 167 miles northeast of The Slovak capital Bratislava.Originally the castle was a wooden structure.It was converted to stone in the 13th century by the aristocratic Poznan family, according to the Slovak National Museum website.The castle has a long history, spanning centuries and several noble families.It was gifted to Alexej Thurzo by King Ferdinand I in 1527, and his family transformed the Gothic castle to incorporate features of Renaissance architecture.The last owner of the castle was the noble Count Jan Frantisek Palfi.He decided, with the help of the architect Jozef Hubert, to give the castle a more romantic, neo-Gothic aesthetic.The neo-Gothic reconstruction took 22 years, from 1889 to 1910.Since 1950, Bojnice Castle has been listed as a historical and cultural heritage of Slovakia and forms part of the national Museum.Bojnice Castle, which is Open Day and night, has a “golden hall” decorated with beautiful angels in gold leaf on the ceiling;There was also an armory with swords, spears and armor.There is also a castle moat, which is now used for events and weddings.The area around the castle includes a specially planted “nature park”, Bojnice zoo and a 700-year-old “King Matthias Linden Tree” — one of the oldest recorded trees in Slovakia.Because the castle has a legend, it also hosts the annual international Ghost festival.According to records, the castle once had a military leader who lived a happy life with his wife (known respectfully as the “Black Lady”). However, one day, out of jealousy, a relative of the master started a rumor that his wife was unfaithful.Enraged, the master decided to test his wife’s chastity by asking her to jump from the castle’s tallest tower into the moat with their newborn child in her arms.If she survives it will prove her innocence.It is said that the “black lady” jumped but floated up, while the hateful rumor-mongering relatives disappeared in a puff of smoke.To this day, the Black Lady still roams the castle halls and stairs in black, telling her grievances.Bojnice castle is a top tourist destination, according to polls from around the world, reflecting a timeless mix of romance, history and fantasy.