Yingdu: It’s time for spring to return to the earth and prepare for spring ploughing

2022-06-02 0 By

Welcome to follow “Yingdu Township News” wechat official account: YDXX2013.Yingdu Town recently held the 2022 spring ploughing preparation work and deployed the year-round spring ploughing task.It is reported that Yingdu town this year should be sown spring grain crop area of 9239 acres, including: 9007 acres of early rice, spring sowing dry grain 232 acres.Should sow spring vegetable 1449 mu.At the meeting, each village is required to implement the spirit of superior documents, organize personnel to publicize grain planting policies and measures, mobilize the masses to create and catch farming, encourage the masses to carry out centralized seedling cultivation, and purchase agricultural machinery socialization services.After the meeting, the town rural revitalization service center jointly with the market supervision institute to carry out special rectification action on agricultural materials in spring to ensure the reliable quality of agricultural materials and the stability of the market during the spring ploughing preparation period.At present, 448,000 kg of chemical fertilizer and 4,174 kg of pesticide have been put in place in the market, and the subsequent allocation of agricultural materials will be carried out in time according to actual needs.Towns and villages organize agricultural technology personnel, to the field for spring ploughing and spring planting technology classification guidance.Organize the cleaning of river channels and the restoration of irrigation and water conservancy for 16 kilometers.Up to now, the town has concentrated seedling 8 mu, planting dry grain 120 mu.(Source: Town and Rural Development Office)