The melon isn’t ripe yet

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Tiger felt his stomach like an upset, stomach food with acid upturned, he hurried to the bathroom, after the bathroom, he threw his stomach all out.Uncle Cleaning covered his nose and said disapprovingly, “If you can’t drink, drink less.”After listening to the tiger had to endure.He had been crouching next to the urinal, vomiting the contents of his stomach. He was still retching. He felt there was nothing left in his stomach, and what he was vomiting was gastric juice.Zhang Guoqing saw nothing out, he thought he was to the teacher in charge of the teacher’s office, he did not care.Fast class, he saw nothing has not come back, want to go out to see, by the way a toilet.After he came to the toilet, he heard the voice of retching, he asked him with concern: “What’s wrong!My stomach is upset.”The tiger followed his words: “It is, I do not know how to answer things, I vomited and diarrhea.”Zhang Guoqing said: “Let’s go to the school clinic to see!””The infirmary may be off duty now,” said the tiger.”Shall we go to the hospital?”Zhang Guoqing said to him.”No,” said the tiger, “I’ll just endure it.”He didn’t have to go to the hospital until he vomited because he drank too much.In the classroom, Murong Leyun looked at the door from time to time.He saw him go out, frowning, with one hand covering his mouth and the other holding his stomach, but he did not see him for a long time.She was thinking: what’s wrong with him? Is he ill?Her in the heart of anxiety, a book will be distracted, her eyes straight to the ceiling in a daze, table bead bead with the arm moved her, said to her: “Yue Yun, what are you doing, there is a rainbow on the ceiling, or a handsome boy?”Yue Yun found himself distracted.In order to hide herself, she mischievously said to her: “I will see if there is a handsome boy on the ceiling, and I will introduce you to one.””Well, well, good things will come to me again, unless you pick the rest. But to me, you pick the best of the best and I like it very much.”Said of beads.Leyun found recently his brain often appear tiger figure and voice.She said to herself: What’s so good about that rustic look? I hate it. It keeps recurring in my mind, even in my dreams.But the more she thought about it, the more often it came.The shadow of the tiger hung around her like a bee gathering flowers. She waved it with her handkerchief and the bee flew away.Her heart recite li Yu a poem in a few words: “cut constantly, li also chaos, is sorrow, don’t generally taste in my heart.”She thought: this cut also cut unceasingly, the reason also not clear tiger son, let my heart be in a mess, upset, is acacia bitter?.This long melancholy wound round my heart, but it was an indescribable misery.She shuddered at the thought, and asked herself: How could you think that?That’s not gonna happen. That’s not gonna happen.At the thought of this, tears came out of the corners of her eyes.Bead bead see her mouth say a word, canthus shed tears, stick to her ear say: “how, really is in your prince charming, which is, that day get to let me Chou, I help you check, preselect the future of the husband.”Yue Yun immediately turned to himself and said, “Screw you. I’m not thinking of what you’re saying.”My deskmate said, “Well, well, is there anything else worth crying about?”Yue Yun wiped his eyes and said sadly, “The melon is not ripe yet.”Drunkard tiger zi (novel serialized) title, novel plot is the author of an original work, copyright attribution to the original author.Can be forwarded for everyone to read, but shall not be used for any commercial purposes, infringement will be prosecuted.Stay up late cost light, code word is not easy, please add a reader attention!Please put forward valuable suggestions!Find typos please leave a message in the comment section or send a private message to me!