The Chinese New Year season is at the bottom of the list, the audience comments are too “young”, are you sure it is for “adults”?

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When the Spring Festival comes, the interaction between parents and children is indispensable. The adults talk and laugh at the wine table, but the children can’t get involved at all.At this time, parents take their children to the cinema to watch a children’s movie, naturally is a very good choice, and the first wave of word of mouth has been released this Spring Festival, can be appropriate reference.At present, boonie Bears is still the first animation box office stable, followed by the collective memories of childhood Pleasant Goat and big Big Wolf theater version, the latest original Chinese comic little Tiger Dun Heroes at the bottom of the position.The first two are already very familiar domestic IP for most audiences.However, the image of Xiaohudun is relatively strange. It has no advantage to be included in the Spring Festival and compete with two classic works with a larger audience. However, in recent years, Chinese comic is indeed on the rise, so I still have certain expectations for this new Chinese comic IP.”Tiger World Heroes” through the first wave of feedback, xiaobian saw the most negative criticism is that the animated film is too “young”, drowsy, really boring.For such a similar evaluation, xiaobian is really speechless, because the theme of “Heroes of little Tigers” itself is to face young children and conduct the most basic traditional Chinese virtues, not suitable for the old and young, suitable for all ages with a large number of special effects of the animation film.It’s not Ne Zha, it’s not Jiang Ziya. First of all, we have to figure out how to take our children to the cinema. We have to choose films suitable for his age and meaningful genre.What matters more is how much and whether children can understand it after reading it.The goal is not for children to spend time with adults, but for adults to spend time with children.This animated film tells the story of Hudun, who is born in his own year, as he pursues his dream of becoming a brave gunner.It all started as an accident.Xiaohu dun and Yang Dart head dart line, from pingyang town to tianshahui, according to the three dimensional landscape, is from Shanxi Jinzhong to Gansu Maijishan.Cliffs, wind erosion mountain road, lonely smoke desert and so on the magnificent natural landscape are on-site.Tiger mound on the journey lasted 4 years to complete, in the fine arts, with a rich traditional Chinese aesthetic feeling of black and white ash three color to the actual structure and different scenery, not only the picture aesthetics with Chinese characteristics, it can be seen everywhere in the traditional characteristic is also firmly attracted the audience’s eyes, a small folk elements to the shoes, the customs of the Spring Festival and the traditional embroidery craft,Big to the history of darts and river’s lake friendship, the character image of xiaohu Dun, the plot design of darts on the road, the jokes are constantly polished, and the excellent transmission of traditional culture all make people shine at the moment.With the traditional Chinese culture and the value proposition of Spring Festival reunion, the soul element of the Year of the Tiger is displayed incisively and vividly. Of course, as an excellent Spring Festival film, what he wants to express is not only these.There are smiles and tears in the river’s lake with little tiger dun and Yang Boomerang head together to walk the story, they all the way through the wind and rain, together against the strong enemy, sword sword shadow also contains friendship and dream, majestic river’s lake dream and love intertwine together, for the children compiled a new childhood dream.Give up the old education, imperceptibly affect the children’s education when we were young, is benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and letter, we also know that education is inseparable from the auxiliary, like “picked up a dime by the roadside” such children’s songs.However, with the development of the society up to now, a single word or story can no longer meet the educational needs of contemporary children, and busy parents may also be negligent. Therefore, beneficial animated films have become a good tool and bridge to silently educate children and promote parent-child relationship.This film shows the growth process of a child to more children while being interesting, and the emotions experienced in this process are the context of the whole film.Loyalty is his darts on the road necessary moral character, brave is his future as an excellent gunmaster necessary quality, he darts in the process of moral friendship and loyalty and courage of both character as many contemporary young patriots, in their own post to shine, but also has a cavity enthusiasm and indelible ideal to further place.Don’t be afraid of hardships, no matter what kind of setbacks and difficulties in the road ahead, no matter what kind of beauty you saw along the way, what kind of temptation, to stick to their own heart, adhere to their professional ethics, do not make their own regret the wrong.Happy happy family reunion and parent-child interaction moment there were many touching scene, the family gathered together for the reunion dinner, look at the city of fireworks, Spring Festival reunion, is a family get together to have a good lively, no matter how the harvest this year, whether to achieve their ideal state, should put down the job at hand.Spend time with the kids who will soon grow up.The idea of “Little Tiger Dun Big Hero” is very good, the scenes inside can not only edify the children from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, but also produce a profound education for the children from the aspects of virtue and professional ethics.Sometimes seeing a great movie is better than hearing about it from your parents every day.