Stick to the post to bear the mobile warm heart service to protect the happy year

2022-06-02 0 By

On the occasion of family reunion in the Spring Festival, Suqian Mobile people silently stick to their posts. They have true feelings and great love in their hearts. With dedication and responsibility, they practice the promise of “service does not close” to protect everyone’s happy year.Streets and alleys, mobile little brother with a “treasure box” to go home to guard the network smooth;At high-speed railway stations, mobile network security personnel check in advance to make the journey smooth;At the construction site, mobile workers are working overtime to promote 5G construction progress…In order to make people go home all the way with the Internet, Suqian mobile network security staff for high-speed railway station, bus station flow situation, develop a detailed optimization and promotion plan, do on-site investigation and testing, effectively protect the perception and capacity of the network, so that the majority of passengers home journey smoothly.With the arrival of the peak flow of people, Suqian Mobile will also organize and guarantee personnel on duty at key points, real-time monitoring, to ensure that the network is always online.In taishan, the native, such as lake scenic area, little also not busy figure, suqian mobile security personnel mobile network optimization engineers on user forecast analysis on venues and special capacity, make full use of the 5 g network high speed, large capacity, low latency, the characteristics of power to the people spent a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Suqian mobile network engineering personnel before the Spring Festival coming, quietly in the crowded area expansion and stepping up 5 g signal equipment, the main node and base station for villages and towns, to conduct a comprehensive base stations to troubleshoot and maintain power, completes the safe hidden trouble shooting and network testing, ensure the network capacity of the home crowd,So that the majority of returnees feel the improvement of their hometown network and the warmth of their hometown.Suqian mobile take the initiative to carry out broadband door-to-door free diagnosis activities, set up booths in prominent places in the community, take the initiative to carry out Internet speed test, router detection, Internet TV commissioning for mobile users……To solve the various needs of users on the home network.As the number of people returning home continues to increase, smart home engineers are also busy.Area engineer who is in charge of siyang European garden zhuang said, “since the twelfth month, every day to the door of the repair order quantity also continues to increase, in the past every 10 single treatment is much, now the basic doubled, probably need to work every day to around half past nine in the evening, a little tired is tired, but every time I see users of our service is very satisfied, very happy.”In the old residential areas of the city, Suqian Mobile started the renovation plan in advance, and jointly developed special renovation work implementation plans with local streets, industry associations and friends, and carried out the renovation of optical cables into the ground and pipes.The district and county manager personally took charge and set up a special group for the renovation of old residential areas, participating in the renovation of 119 people, totaling 81 residential areas, successfully completing the renovation target of old residential areas before the festival, and welcoming the arrival of the New Year with a clean and orderly city appearance environment.In the business hall, mobile volunteers help the elderly to use smart phones, teach them to show their health code and make video calls with their families, so as to build a bridge for them to communicate with the society.Grandma Wang, a citizen, said she bought a smart phone but could not use it all the time. Now she can communicate with her children by making video calls.Suqian Mobile has also entered the major enterprises and public institutions, carried out the “New Year’s delivery service 5G into the group” activity, to provide 5G terminal experience, broadband “free diagnosis”, software download, free film and other warm services for the local people.Everyone said that although we could not go home for the Spring Festival, but a variety of services, let us feel the care and warmth of mobile.The closer the New Year comes, the more busy the mobile people are.Network construction, broadband installation and maintenance of customer service, public welfare action……They are always on the road to make their customers “very happy”.(Zhu Jingxian Bodyguard Hu Donghai)