Should parents trade 3 years for 30?Every parent should see it

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Give children food will only make children become adults, give children ideas will make children become great!Li Ka-shing said: “No matter how successful one is in his career, he cannot make up for his failure to educate his children.”We always say busy busy busy, but the child’s education can not wait for us to make up for, as long as a little neglect, the child’s growth changes will be obvious.Some faults, once acquired, will take a lot of energy to correct, or even impossible to correct.No matter how much money you make and how successful your career is, if your child is poorly educated, he or she will regret it when he or she is old.Although we do not need to focus on the children, but also must not take a busy career at the expense of children.You have to be responsible to have him!Famous investor Huang Jingsheng said: the essence of happiness is a feeling. What kind of feeling?Happiness is a kind of pursuit of happiness and meaningful feeling!Children are extremely plastic at an early age.They are like the fountain of a river, lively and unfettered, capable of changing its course once directed in a certain direction.In the larger context of society, education plays a decisive role in why some people are useful and others are productive.Children are the shadow of their parents Children are the copy of their parents People are different mainly because of the way they have been taught.The impression, however small, made in the consciousness of early childhood will have an important influence in a long life.Everyone is not his own to be born, their parents make them accidentally into this world, to a family they can not choose, with a pair of never change parents.What kind of person a child can become in the future depends to a large extent on what level of people the child’s parents are and what level of family education the child receives in the early growth.The child is the shadow of the parents, the child is the copy of the parents.In order to cultivate the moral character of children, parents should be cautious in their behavior and should set an example for their children everywhere.Children’s good behavior, bad behavior is the result of parental education.If the mother loves to dress up, her daughter will be likewise.If the mother is talkative, the daughter is no exception.In the same way that fathers drink, sons also drink;The father uses bad language, and so does the child.This has become the law of family education.As someone has said, the mind of a child is a strange ground: sow the seed of thought and you reap the harvest of action;Sow the seed of behavior and you reap the harvest of habit.Sow the seed of habit, and you will reap the harvest of character.Sow the seed of virtue, and you will reap the harvest of destiny.It can be said that the fate of a child’s life is in the hands of their parents.If parents are strict with themselves, set an example for their children, strive to cultivate their children’s moral character, and actively create conditions for their bright future, they also make themselves a great person.We say the family is a school, but the family education has its own unique way, it is through the family environment atmosphere and the parents’ words.Behavior has a subtle influence on the child, virtually shaping the child’s personality and basic quality.Family education is not only the basic education, but also the leading education, which can never be replaced by any school or social education.Two families, different circumstances in England there was an Edwardian family, a true scholarly family.Old Edward was a philosopher of great learning, rigorous and industrious.His descendants include 13 university presidents, 100 professors, more than 80 writers, more than 60 doctors, one ambassador, and more than 20 members of parliament.Also in Britain, another Zhuke family, by contrast.Old Zuck was known as a drunkard and a gambler, a muddled, idle man.This family has been handed down for eight generations. Among its descendants, more than 300 have been beggars or vagrants, more than 400 have been disabled or died due to alcoholism, more than 60 have committed fraud or theft, 7 murderers, and no one in the whole family is promising.In light of these two situations, let us consider what becomes of a zucker who is adopted by the Edwards family as a baby.And vice versa?The family’s initial inculcations of right and wrong, standards of good and evil, principles of human conduct, would affect him for life.That is the legacy of two British families.No success in career can make up for failure in children’s education!Example is better than precept.The best gift for a child is an example!Give children food will only make children become adults, give children ideas will make children become great!When you are young, do not excuse busy work and neglect the education of your children, when you are old, all the splendor and wealth are passing by.And a poor child, enough to make your evening bleak, but a successful filial child enough to let you live without worry.