Local added “1803+6651”

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From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 30, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 1,803 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases, with the distribution as follows: 1,340 in Jilin, including 997 in Changchun, 333 in Jilin, 6 in Siping and 4 in Baicheng;In Shanghai, 355 cases were reported, including 252 in Pudong New Area, 17 in Minhang District, 16 in Huangpu District, 14 in Xuhui District, 9 in Jiading District, 8 in Changning District, 8 in Jing ‘an District, 8 in Songjiang District, 7 in Fengxian District, 6 in Putuo District, 5 in Qingpu District, 3 in Yangpu District, 1 in Hongkou District and 1 in Baoshan District.19 cases were reported in Heilongjiang province, including 11 in Jiamusi, 5 in Harbin, 2 in Mudanjiang and 1 in Suihua.15 cases in Henan province, all in Zhoukou city;Eleven cases were reported in Fujian province, including 8 in Quanzhou, 2 in Xiamen and 1 in Ningde.Eleven cases were reported in Guangdong, including 6 in Shenzhen, 3 in Dongguan, 1 in Guangzhou and 1 in Zhuhai.Ten cases were reported in Zhejiang province, including 4 in Jiaxing, 3 in Ningbo, 1 in Hangzhou, 1 in Huzhou and 1 in Shaoxing.Nine cases were reported in Liaoning, including seven in Shenyang and two in Yingkou.Five cases were reported in Hebei province, including 3 in Langfang, 1 in Tangshan and 1 in Baoding.Five cases were reported in Jiangsu province, including two in Yancheng, one in Wuxi, one in Zhenjiang and one in Taizhou.Four cases were reported in Tianjin, including 3 in Xiqing district and 1 in Jinghai District.3 cases were reported in Sichuan province, including 2 in Leshan city and 1 in Suining City.2 cases in Shanxi, both in Xinzhou city;There were 2 cases in Shandong province, including 1 case in Jinan and 1 case in Heze.Two cases were reported in Hunan province, including 1 case in Hengyang City and 1 case in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.2 cases in Hainan, both in Haikou city;Two cases were reported in Chongqing, including 1 case in Nan ‘an District and 1 case in Yunyang County.Two cases were reported in Yunnan province, including 1 case in Qujing city and 1 case in Pu ‘er City.1 case in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia;1 case in Anhui, huainan city;1 case in Jiangxi province, nanchang City;1 case in Xinjiang, Urumqi city.A total of 56 asymptomatic cases were turned into confirmed cases, including 20 in Jilin, 16 in Shanghai, six in Fujian, three in Heilongjiang, three in Zhejiang, two in Tianjin, two in Liaoning, one in Shanxi, one in Inner Mongolia, one in Jiangsu and one in Chongqing.There were 6,651 new asymptomatic domestic infected persons, with the distribution as follows:5,298 cases in Shanghai,Among them, 1,949 were in Pudong New District, 761 in Minhang District, 506 in Baoshan District, 385 in Xuhui District, 347 in Huangpu District, 240 in Songjiang District, 195 in Chongming District, 151 in Jialing District, 142 in Putuo District, 123 in Fengxian District, 122 in Changning District, 96 in Yangpu District, 92 in Jing ‘an District, 83 in Hongkou District, 73 in Qingpu District,33 cases in Jinshan District;835 cases were reported in Jilin, including 422 in Changchun, 408 in Jilin, 3 in Baishan, 1 in Siping and 1 in Baicheng.129 cases were reported in Fujian province, including 121 in Quanzhou, 3 in Xiamen, 3 in Putian, 1 in Fuzhou and 1 in Ningde.78 cases were reported in Hebei province, including 49 in Tangshan, 27 in Langfang, 1 in Qinhuangdao and 1 in Baoding.There were 66 cases in Anhui, including 50 in Huainan, 9 in Wuhu, 3 in Fuyang, 2 in Maanshan, 1 in Bengbu and 1 in Tongling.42 cases were reported in Liaoning province, including 26 in Shenyang, 7 in Yingkou, 3 in Dalian, 3 in Huludao, 2 in Liaoyang and 1 in Anshan.41 cases were reported in Jiangsu province, including 18 in Suzhou, 10 in Xuzhou, 4 in Wuxi, 4 in Nantong, 3 in Suqian, 1 in Nanjing and 1 in Zhenjiang.There were 25 cases in Shandong province, including 11 in Binzhou, 6 in Zaozhuang, 5 in Jinan, 1 in Weifang, 1 in Weihai and 1 in Linyi.23 cases were reported in Xinjiang, including 20 in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and 3 in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture.There were 21 cases in Heilongjiang province, including 12 in Jiamusi, 5 in Harbin, 2 in Yichun and 2 in Suihua.There were 19 cases in Henan province, including 14 in Zhoukou, 3 in Zhumadian, 1 in Zhengzhou and 1 in Xinxiang.17 cases were reported in Zhejiang province, including 9 in Jiaxing, 4 in Hangzhou, 2 in Ningbo and 2 in Lishui.Eleven cases were reported in Jiangxi province, including 8 in Nanchang, 2 in Jiujiang and 1 in Ganzhou.Eleven cases were reported in Guangxi, including 6 in Fangchenggang, 3 in Baise and 2 in Nanning.Eight cases were reported in Guangdong, including five in Dongguan and three in Shenzhen.8 cases in Gansu, all in Lanzhou;Five cases were reported in Hubei province, including 3 in Xiaogan city, 1 in Xiangyang City and 1 in Huanggang City.Five cases were reported in Yunnan province, including two in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, one in Kunming, one in Lincang and one in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture.3 cases in Hunan, all in Changsha;Two cases were reported in Tianjin, including one in Hedong District and one in Xiqing District.2 cases in Hainan, both in Haikou city;1 case in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province;1 case in Guizhou, liupanshui city.● On 30th, Hunan, Building A of Tianxiang Xinxin Jiayuan, Xinkaipu Street, Tianxin District, Changsha city, and Building 2 of Tianrun Garden, Zuojiatang Street, Yuhua District were adjusted as medium-risk areas.● On 30th, Fujian, Floor 4, Building 35, Xiahuang Community, No. 1411, Liyuan East Road, Xialin Street, Chengxiang District, Putian City, and No. 90, Dongzeng, Yangfang Village, Sanjiangkou Town, Hanjiang District, were adjusted as medium-risk areas.Jinan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism issued A notice requiring: from March 30, Jinan public cultural venues, Internet cafes, KTV, video game venues, theaters, chess and card rooms, commercial performance venues, a-level tourist attractions indoor closed places and other suspended business activities;Travel agencies and online tourism companies will be suspended from operating tourism services.Source: CCTV News