How do great employees work

2022-06-02 0 By

There are always people in the company who are always doing nothing.The leader went over and asked why. He said, “Everything you arranged has been done. It’s nothing.”Such people exist in every company.The boss arranged things very well.In business, however, while following orders is important, individual initiative is even more important.In the new economy, employees who used to “do what they’re told” have lost their competitive edge.Today, companies appreciate people who come to work without an explanation from the boss.Don’t think that as long as you come to work on time, don’t be late, don’t leave early, you are doing your job, you can get paid.What is needed at work is a spirit of self-initiative, and employees who work on their own initiative will get more rewards from their work.However, in real life, how many people are motivated at work?Frankly, a lot of young people today, most of them have no idea.In fact, “work” is a word that includes intelligence, passion, faith, imagination, and creativity.No one is going to tell you what to do, it’s up to you to think positively.It takes more intelligence, passion and responsibility than others to work on your own initiative.When you have a clear idea of where the company is headed and what your job responsibilities are, you can anticipate what needs to be done and do it immediately, without any direction from your boss.We should understand that those who go out early and come back late every day are not necessarily those who work hard, those who are busy every day are not necessarily those who finish their work, and those who clock in and out every day are not necessarily those who have conscience.For them, work is a simple transaction.For every company, every boss, what they need is not a person who only follows the rules, but a person who lacks enthusiasm and responsibility, and can’t take the initiative to work.Clerk.When you understand this, take the initiative to do what you want to do!Don’t wait for your boss and superiors to schedule your work. Take charge of your own life. You will get the highest rewards when you put your best effort into doing your job.