6pm!National foot goalkeeper replacement hopeless, champion goalkeeper training two days, the reason for thought-provoking

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January 26 – The Chinese men’s national football team will play against Japan at saitama Stadium at 6pm tomorrow, and the team also started training today.According to CCTV reporter Wang Nan’s live report, he thinks China’s national football team against Japan, for the starting goalkeeper position adjustment probability is very small.Because Wang Dalei has been absent from training for two consecutive days, and the game will kick off tomorrow, at least against Japan this game, China’s starting goalkeeper is basically impossible to adjust, unless a miracle.It is worth mentioning that yan Junling, the goalkeeper of Shanghai Seaports, has always been the starting goalkeeper of The National football Team since the beginning of the preliminary round of this World Cup and has played six matches now.During Li’s reign, the team’s record failed to achieve the desired results, and fans were also critical of his selection of the team. Yan Junling, the starting goalkeeper, has also been criticized by fans.Yan Junling, a player, has some ability, the strength is relatively balanced, the biggest characteristic is relatively comprehensive and stable.However, overall is an advantage, but also a disadvantage, the current world preliminary games in the middle of a few games, the national football team’s several key goals, more or less have a great relationship with him.Former comprehensive Yan Junling, suddenly became mediocre representative.Therefore, after Li Xiaopeng took office, the fans also expect that the National football Team can change the starting goalkeeper.According to the description of the front reporter, Wang Dalei may not start the reason is injury, but this reason is really intriguing, why say so?Dimly remember, since Wang Dalei preparation for the 12 strong game, or can be traced back to the 40 strong game period, although Wang Dalei can stay in the big list for many times, but many times are spread big Thunder are injured in the national team.However, back in the league, he is still the Chinese super champion team’s starting goalkeeper.Coincidentally, this time Wang Dalei magic play, with Taishan to take the double title, into the national team and began to recover, this is really very difficult to understand.According to common sense, it is difficult to change the starting goalkeeper of a team, unless there is a serious mistake or injury. Maybe the coaching staff does not change the starting goalkeeper for the stability of the team, but I think it is worth li Xiaopeng to think about the suggestions of the fans.Yan Junling’s biggest weakness is poor ability to attack, the opponent counterattack and the defender with poor, because of this reason, the National football team did not lose the ball.And this, just is wang Dalei’s advantage, or even if it is not the style of a little aggressive big thunder, or even if he was hurt, you use Liu Dian also go!Looking at the Chinese Super League, he is also one of the best goalkeepers.On the goal-line response, attack ability is also very stable.Fans can accept losing against a strong opponent, but they can’t accept losing more than once for the same reason.