Chunlan cup round of 16 is fierce, the Chinese situation is unfavorable, there is the danger of total annihilation

2022-06-01 0 By

The 14th chunlan professional go world championship in the round of 16, at half past ten this morning, is now picking up, six plate Korea confrontation situation once against China, have individual extreme chess fan in the studio with regrets, even think that is in danger of completely annihilated, so real situation how?The author makes a brief introduction to the eight contests, in order to satisfy the chess fans.First, The match of Li Xuanhao against Xu Hao hong has already ended. Li Xuanhao defeated his opponent without much trouble and got the ticket to the final eight.The result of this game is completely contrary to my prediction before the game.Second, ke Jie’s battle against Jin Mingxun, Ke Jie guessed the relatively easy white chess, originally slightly behind Ke Jie has turned the situation, AI gave the winning rate is 51%, this game of chess Ke Jie has a reversal situation, optimistic that he can succeed, wish to advance.Third, in advance of the fierce competition between Li Qincheng and Shenzhen, the strength of both sides is still a bit different. In advance of the competition, xiao Li’s flying saber starts to decline in advance after entering the mid-round. At present, the winning rate given by AI is only 6%, and Shenzhen is expected to advance to the top eight in advance.Fourth, the war between Gu Zihao and Bian Xiangyi just ended, gu Zihao lost out.This game of chess can be seen that gu Zihao, who has not been in actual combat for a long time, was out of touch. Soon after the opening, he fought with the other party, but was ambushed by the other party, and the victory rate plummeted, and soon became the situation of solitarong. Later, Gu Ba harassed everywhere but failed, and had to throw in the towel.The result of the chess game was in accordance with my prediction before the game.Fifthly, Li Weiqing against of park jeong-hwan Li Weiqing slightly behind, in front of the right benefit after the turnaround, but soon be park jeong-hwan slightly beyond, the AI of winning percentage is 22%, gap has around 4 orders, now in a critical period of late – defense, the situation is hard to say, hope Li Weiqing patience waiting for the opportunity, strive for reversal.The sixth, Ding Hao against Shen Minjun, Ding Hao played very general, the situation almost did not win the upper hand, in the middle of a few back, but soon fell into a difficult situation, the current AI win rate is already in single digits, it seems that the hope of winning is not good.Its seven, new to Kim jiseok Yang Ding the inning, originally very bullish on Yang Ding new, because previously to Kim jiseok six wins, but only after the war Yang Ding new situation has not been good, the most dangerous time, AI odds is down to single digits, chess but was still early, and Yang Ding new also is not a vegetarian, the latest situation ding ye have is the irreversible trend,AI win rate rose to about 70%, optimistic about Yang Dingxin for China team meritorious service.In the match between Ke Jie and Tang Weixing, tang Weixing almost leads all the way because the opponent is weak. At present, AI’s winning rate is as high as 98%. At present, the chess game is nearing the end, so it is estimated that Xuanzong will not make any unastuals.It is expected that the backward Chinese chess players should not be discouraged, but should show the determination and courage of indomitable struggle and struggle, and strive to make a comeback.Expect the leading Chinese chess players, calm and calm, the situation safe operation to the final victory.At the time of writing, there was good news that Ke Jie’s winning rate was as high as 95%, and victory was in sight. Congratulations!