Attention!A new round of snow is about to arrive in Yueyang

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How are you going to spend it?Go out and say goodbye?Going to the movies?Got a red envelope?Going shopping?Don’t ask me oh li ask so many questions is ↓↓↓ hurry up and play!In recent two days, the process of low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather basically ended. The temperature in Yueyang began to rise back to 11℃ from yesterday. Yes, don’t doubt your eyes, you are right.Hunan weather forecast 4 (the fourth day), cloudy between sunny, the morning in the west of Hunan, hunan central part of the north part of the fog;Maximum temperature 9 ~ 11℃;Minimum temperature 0 ~ 2℃.On May 5 (the fifth day), cloudy weather will dominate during the day;In the evening, western hunan and southern Hunan will be cloudy with light rain, including the northern xiangxi, Zhangjiajie and northern Changde with sleet, and other areas will be cloudy to overcast.Morning xiangxi, xiangzhong north local fog;The highest temperature is 5 ~ 7℃ in northwest Hunan, 11 ~ 13℃ in south Hunan, 8 ~ 10℃ in other areas;Minimum temperature 1 ~ 3℃.On The 6th (the sixth day), western hunan, central Hunan and north of light to medium snow, medium to heavy snow in some areas, including xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, Changde, huaihua north, north Yiyang, yueyang local snowstorm, other areas have sleet or medium to heavy rain, among which southern Yongzhou, Chenzhou local heavy rain.On the 7th day (the seventh day), some parts of southeastern Hunan province received heavy rain and light snow in other areas, including eastern Shaoyang, Loudi, north Hengyang, Changsha, Xiangtan and north Zhuzhou, and moderate rain in other areas, including western Chenzhou.In the evening, most of the province is overcast with cloudy skies.8 (eighth day), central hunan and north of light to moderate snow, the southern xiangxi, huaihua, southwest Changde, western Yiyang local heavy snow, light rain in other areas.9 (the ninth day), north of central Hunan sporadic light snow or sleet, other areas of light rain.Anyway, today spring yueyang weather cleared up friends to seize the time to go out to play but!!Today and tomorrow, because the weather is better early morning fog, to pay attention to driving safety finally evening jun wish to see this article all the people in the New Year night not insomnia card not short of money hair off less single no trouble……Said so many blessings what mean I don’t have to say it (forward this article, xiaobian hair can keep depends on you) source: Yueyang Evening News all media comprehensive comprehensive rednet, Hunan Meteorological Bureau, Mango city