2-3!The Premier League title is back in suspense!Son Heung-min’s 2 assists and Kane’s winner gave Liverpool a chance

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Tottenham Hotspur beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 at Manchester City’s Home stadium in the 26th round of the 2021-2022 Premier League on Feb 20 at 1:30 am Beijing time.With City only six points clear of Liverpool with a game more, the premiership title is back on the table.City have been on a tear of late, with a five-goal victory away from home in the Champions League in midweek as Pep Guardiola’s side have not lost in more than two months.It be rivals tottenham, Manchester city this season’s first leg clash on both sides, Manchester city 1-0 defeat on the road, not the spurs boss has change from nuno santo conte, conte and melon handsome handsome confrontation is worth looking forward to, in the name of the city’s strongest line-up, led’s brow, Stirling, f and B of the trident, cloth Min + Kane will try to give the melon handsome team to make trouble.Tottenham goalkeeper Lori reaches the 400th milestone, while De Braunay makes his 250th appearance for Manchester City under guardsman Guardsman.In the fourth minute, Son ran into the penalty area and faced Ederson’s unselfish cross. Khurusevski put the ball into the empty net for 0-1.Tottenham got off to a fantastic start on the road with son heung-min taking credit for khurusevski’s first goal of his career.In the 17th minute, Cansello took the ball 1V2 from the left and wiped it into the penalty area. The Portuguese flying wing’s right foot shot from the far corner was wide. Cansello’s successive passing was so wonderful!A minute later, Cansello matched his team-mate with a kick to the wall and his drive from a tight Angle on the left was blocked by Lowry, with the linesman flagging for offside.The 21st minute, Sterling wipe into the penalty area points, Jingduan turned right foot rub shot, but the ball hit the post pop-up!City lacked some goalscoring luck.The 33rd minute, Sterling left oblique hanging penalty area, Debraunay point outflanked, Lori pounced on the ball off, Jingduan in front of the shot, the score became 1-1!Kyodoan has scored seven goals this season, five in the Premier League.City were the better side in the first half but could not score more goals.In the 59th minute, Tottenham continued their counter-attack strategy. Son sent a diagonal pass into the penalty area, and Kane got in front of the net and scored with ease.Son Heung-min assists two goals!Sun Kai wire reappearance!Son and Kane have scored 36 goals in the Premier League, equalling the record set by Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard.Kane scored his 16th goal of the season and sixth in the Premier League.In the 74th minute, Tottenham’s cross from the right was disallowed after a VAR review ruled that Khurusevski had been offside before Kane turned his right foot to blast home the ball.The 92nd minute, seat B inside the penalty area was blocked by romero arm, Anthony – Taylor saw the video after the review of the blow penalty, Mahrez left rod volley won, 2-2!The 95th minute, Kurusevski from the right cross, Kane high in front of the head hammer into the net, 2-3!Cairn scores two kills!Courtney hurls and runs in celebration!He beat Guadalupe for the 3rd time in his career!