Will Changde Talent Vocational School recruit former students, transfer students in 2022

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Will changde Yingcai Vocational School recruit former students, transfer students and transfer students in 2022? School Nature: Private school type: Ordinary secondary vocational school Enrollment code: 070216 Sponsor: Long Xiang School Construction Time: 1989-05-08 Number of students: 515Chang DE city colleges and wuling district road 463 (59) five-year college transfer from technical secondary school, hunan admissions consulting the 151-1613-3713 (the same as in micro letter | | |) basic conditions:The school covers an area of land; the building area of the school; the value of teaching equipment; the value of computers; 40 mu 19,000 square meters; 608,900 yuan; 80 sets of teaching and administrative staff; The total number of full-time teachers; the number of professional teachers; the number of “double-qualified” teachers; the number of bachelor’s degrees and above; the number of teachers with postgraduate degrees or master’s degrees; the number of teachers 26, 17, 7Zhou Peng, Song Qing and other more than 10 students have won the first, second and third prizes of the Municipal Civilization Talent Competition and the architectural CAD skills Competition in 2015.In 2017, our school won the third place in the municipal track and field sports Meeting for middle school students.2019, 2020, Huang Zhen classmate, Guo Yi classmates for secondary vocational school of the family | scholarship.In the past five years, all graduates have achieved decent employment and higher education.School characteristics 1. School closed management.The school spirit is good, the school spirit is strong, students can really learn skills, after graduation can use the knowledge to change their own destiny.2. Vigorously carry out school-enterprise cooperation mode in running schools.School successively with hunan sports industry group, Haitian decoration group, hunan vocational college of electronic science and technology, signed a cooperation agreement |, ensure safe entrance and employment of our students.3, the teaching quality is high, can test the corresponding level certificate.4. Cultivate professional and versatile talents to win more entrepreneurial opportunities for students.The school plans to enroll 135 students in 2021.2021 Local (Changde city) sub-professional enrollment plan No. Enrollment Professional academic system Enrollment target Talent training program Core course charging standard (YUAN/year) Planned enrollment Number Remarks 1 Sports training 3 years of junior high school 8200 yuan 20 people 2 elderly service and management 3 years of junior high school: 8200 yuan 85 people 3 Building decoration technology 3 years graduating junior high school: 8200 yuan 30 people total 135 people one, bring the original ID card or household registration book, one inch photo 8, daily necessities.Two, bring my ID card and household register book to facilitate teachers to do the school registration work.All three, school students to enjoy the family | 2400 yuan per person per year tuition reimbursement, poor areas and poor students each year to enjoy countries | home 1000 yuan to 4000 yuan special difficult subsidies.Excellent students can the contestant motivational scholarship, discipline optimum | show scholarship, zui high prize is 6000 yuan.Iv. Bus route to school: Take No. 47 and No. 9 when you get off at the railway station;Get off at the North station and take No.7.Get off at the South station and take No.7 and no.47.Get off at Liuye Lake, take No. 16 and NO. H11, get off at North Approach Bridge and go east for 300 meters.Get off at Nongzi Station, take No. 28, No. 5, No. 15, no. 8 to Get off at Jianshe Bridge, and walk 300 meters along the river bank to the north.The five-year junior college and technical secondary school of hunan, spring transfer admissions consulting the 151-1613-2939 (the same as in micro letter | | |)