Which kind of flower divides formaldehyde effect best?

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Except formaldehyde the flower with the best effect has the turtle back bamboo, chlorophytum, green luo, tiger skin orchid, ivy, aloe, violet, Chinese rose.Bamboo on the back of the turtle, has the effect of absorbing carbon dioxide at night, to improve indoor air quality, improve oxygen content has a great help.With priority adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gas characteristics, to achieve the effect of purifying indoor air.Chlorophytum, known as the king of formaldehyde, formaldehyde adsorption is very strong, its leaves can absorb carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.Not only can absorb 80% of the toxic gases, but also can constantly grow new shoots.But the removal rate of formaldehyde of chlorophytum is slow.Green flower, in addition to formaldehyde is its own circulation system, green flower can in the metabolism of formaldehyde into sugar or amino acids and other substances, followed by exclusion of the body, to achieve the process of air purification, but the effect is weak.Tiger orchid has the ability to absorb all kinds of suspended impurities and harmful substances and gases in the air.Drought – resistant, shade – resistant and formaldehyde absorption capacity is strong, and chlorophytum.Ivy, evergreen, green leaves, not only can absorb formaldehyde, but also can dehumidify, maintenance at home as long as 1~2 years to change the pot for soil once, to ensure that the soil is slightly moist, it can continue to grow new leaves, long new branches.Aloe vera, potted aloe vera has the reputation of air purification expert, can absorb formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, and leaves thick, can prevent radiation, can also absorb formaldehyde toluene.Violet, can secrete a kind of phytocidal element, can kill harmful bacteria in the air in short time, because this kind of flower can also be placed in the room with higher formaldehyde concentration, help absorb formaldehyde.Chinese rose, can absorb ether, benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases in the air, and ornamental.Plants absorb formaldehyde only because formaldehyde itself is also carbon-based structure, and plants in photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and other carbon-based gas structure will be absorbed without difference, so the plant absorption of formaldehyde is only the incidental function of plant normal photosynthesis.