Greetings and wishes on the fifth day of the lunar New Year

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On the fifth day of the first month, the God of wealth day, wages and bonuses and money, played a promotion and wealth.Koi gold toad fortune cat, you can’t run.God of wealth day I wish you every year rich, good luck!The fifth god of wealth to your home, you went out to pick up money, looked up hit money, met money on the road, home with money, up and down you have money, you are rich, flying, accompanied by the God of wealth.The God of wealth day, the God of wealth for you to send money.Send you a cash cow, full of happy gold ingot;Send you a cornucopia, filled with happy lucky grass;Send you a pair of rich hands, full of friendship iron money.Good body good spirit good, good industry good mood good, good fortune good luck good, good relationship good things are good.I wish you a happy god of wealth day in advance, bonanza!On the fifth day of the first month, the God of wealth gives you a wish tree, above full pistachio, lucky plum, rich date, warm Li, happy peach happy pear, prosperous chrysanthemum, happy sugar, auspicious flowers!Accumulation day miss, condense the tenderness of thousands of strands, spell the infatuation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, gather the bright stars of the night sky, only to wish you prosperity in money!The god of wealth arrives on the fifth day of the first lunar month.The Oriental god of wealth sends pearls and the Western god of wealth sends agate.The Southern God of wealth sent money, the northern god of wealth to send good news.May all sides of wealth will cover you, this life wealth and happiness.The God of wealth day to the God of wealth, wish heaven fortune floating money, gold three feet high on the ground, diamond pearl asperse full road, cash cow hang full treasure, the God of wealth care for you smile, all gold and silver to send your hand.On the fifth day of the first month, the God of wealth for you to plant the seeds of a wish, for you to put down the root of happiness, rich rattan, spit out happy buds, out of lucky flowers, fruit of longevity.Send you a happy and fruitful year.The fifth day of the first month, the most beautiful;Meet in advance, wealth enveloped;Future days, wealth stars shine;May you have gold and silver in your purse;Bank deposits, rising;Both rich and expensive, happy and unfettered;Happy, until the old!The fifth day of the God of wealth xi to report, congratulation wealth to;The God of wealth to send you gold ingot, fortune fortune came;The God of wealth see you laugh, please ferro to your home.I wish you and your family a happy life as sweet as honey in the New Year!