Abandoned husband and son for 25 years, now suing children for 800,000 alimony, children: completely cut off relations

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There is such a cruel woman, after learning that her husband is suffering from cancer, regardless of the relationship between husband and wife and chose to divorce her husband who had lived together for many years.She unkindly abandoned four not yet adult children, with all the savings in the home disappeared without a trace, now her life is in trouble, but brazen back to ask the children to support the obligations.Four children refused to support such a mother, but unexpectedly was accused to court, aunt asked four children to take out two hundred thousand each as their alimony.Where does the story end?When Wang Xiulian was young, she married her husband and gave birth to three sons and a daughter. Although the life was not very rich, the family of six lived a dull and warm life. What she never thought was that her husband was unfortunately suffering from lung cancer.After wang Xiulian learned that her husband was suffering from cancer, she asked her husband for a divorce rather than actively seeking treatment.In this way, Wang xiulian cruelly abandoned her sick husband and four minor children, never looked back from the crumbling home.To the family’s surprise, when Wang Xiulian left, all the family’s savings were rolled away, making the broken family even worse.It didn’t take long for Wang Xiulian to form her own family, and she never came back to see her children during the 25 years she abandoned her husband and son.Even Wang xiulian’s first husband could not see her one last time before he died. Suffering from lung cancer, wang xiulian’s husband left this world with deep regret for their children.Although the four children abandoned by Wang Xiulian were very pitiful, they also experienced hardships and hardships. Later, with their efforts and struggles, they were all of special excellence. When they grew up, their businesses prospered and they lived a very rich life.After the death of her second husband due to illness, wang Xiulian’s life gradually began to become abjure and poor. At this time, Wang Xiulian thought of her children who were cruelly abandoned by her more than 20 years ago.Through many inquiries, Wang Xiulian learned that the four children are now living quite well, so they played their own hearts wishful small calculations.She began to look for four children one by one, she hopes the children for her to do the obligation to support, she feels that he abandoned children has passed many years should have already let go, let her do not think of is, four children still to her 25 years ago to do things hate.Wang Xiulian felt very sad when she saw her four children treating her like this.She in order to achieve their purpose simply do two endlessly, directly put their several children together to the court, she asked in the complaint each children to give themselves to pay two hundred thousand as support costs, four children add up to one-time pay her eight hundred thousand alimony.In court, Wang stressed that although she abandoned her children, she had taken care of them for years before, so they had to take care of her.Wang xiulian’s children agreed that when their mother cruelly abandoned them, they had formed a new family and were no longer relatives, so they refused to pay wang xiulian any expenses for support.During the trial, the court rejected Wang xiulian’s lawsuit request. Wang xiulian did not give up because she lost the first trial.02 bad affection Wang Xiulian saw his lost, not to their alimony, began to constantly harass the normal life of the four children.She first ran to her daughter’s hot pot restaurant wanton Shouting, to achieve their own purpose stirred daughter shop business can not operate normally.After endless harassment and interference by Wang Xiulian, the business of her daughter’s hot pot restaurant began to become worse and worse. Her daughter was very helpless and cried to everyone about her mother’s behavior, saying, “I don’t know why the mother would harm her children like this. Even pigs and dogs don’t have such bad mothers, do they?On top of that, Wang went to the neighborhood where her three sons lived to publicize their unfilial treatment of her.She turned her sons’ lives upside down. Neighbors thought they were unfilial and didn’t want to support their mother.Several sons are also difficult to argue, they can not explain to everyone the truth of the matter, their children’s daily life, because Of Wang Xiulian’s unruly and endless fight completely messy up.Finally, the children couldn’t bear it anymore. They called a family meeting to discuss how to deal with their mother’s alimony claim.Although they are rich, they don’t want to pay alimony to their mother. Wang’s second son even said, “I wouldn’t give my mother a cent if I donated the money she asked for to public welfare.”After a whole day’s discussion, the brothers and sisters finally reached a consensus. They decided to raise 130,000 yuan for Wang xiulian, so that she would not disturb their normal life.At first, Wang gladly accepted the 130,000 yuan for her children’s upbringing, but she quickly backpedded as she had more in mind than that and asked each of her children to contribute 200,000 yuan to her old age.After repeated negotiations, Wang would not let go of her demand for alimony, but continued to insist on demanding 800,000 yuan from her four children.Wang xiulian’s greedy desire completely cut off the last trace of emotion between their mother and son. Seeing that Wang Xiulian was so unreasonable, the children simply stopped talking to her.But Wang Xiulian was a very rascals and insolent person. Before she received the money, she had been trying to find trouble for the children.After a long time, everyone also understood the truth of the matter, most people are very supportive of Wang Xiulian’s children.Now Wang Xiulian is to say that no one believes her ghost again, because people are slowly aware of her original true face.Wang Xiulian saw that she could not make any difference, so she began to play affection cards with her children.Wang xiulian first found her second son and told him how she had abandoned her family 25 years ago. The second son became excited as soon as he heard his mother mention his father.The second son asked Wang xiulian, “When my father was dying, you refused to see me. Do you know how hard it was for us and my father?Did you know my father died with his eyes full?Her second son’s words left Wang speechless and she insisted on demanding the so-called alimony from her children, even though she knew what she had done was inhuman.The second son felt that his mother was completely hopeless and left without looking back. Later, Wang xiulian went to her other children in succession, but the final result was the same as the second son gave him.Wang Xiulian is really a very outrageous and unreasonable woman. The more the children resist her, the more radical and violent her actions become.She later took her four children to court again, accusing them of failing to support her.The law was fair, and the court rejected her lawsuit again. At that time, Wang complained grievously that she had raised her children for nothing for more than ten years.Seeing that she could not achieve her wish, Wang Xiulian began to scold her children. No matter how radical her words were, none of the children paid any attention to her, sympathized with her and took pity on her. They all agreed to break off any relationship with the mother.Still, there are a few people who side with Wang xiulian. They feel that no matter what, children should not treat their mothers like this.Moreover, many people stand on the side of Wang xiulian’s children. They think that the mother’s behavior is really too much. How can she be a mother if she is born without support?I don’t know how this family will end up, but let’s hope they can finally reach an agreement and come to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.Source: Sweet beauty