A sudden!Us and NATO intercept Russian warplane, Biden is the real black hand of escalation?

2022-05-31 0 By

On Thursday, US fighter jets, as well as Norwegian and British military aircraft, intercepted the Russian plane near the NATO ally’s airspace.A day earlier, Norwegian military aircraft spotted and intercepted Russian aircraft in the High North region.Both incidents occurred as tensions remain high between Russia, the United States and its NATO Allies.Earlier this week, the US announced it would send 3,000 troops to Germany, Poland and Romania.About 1,000 troops will be transferred from Germany to Romania and another 2,000 from the United States to Germany and Poland.U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday accused President Joe Biden of being the real cause of escalating tensions between the West and Russia, arguing that his leadership has helped worsen the situation along the shared border with Ukraine.Speaking on the Senate floor, Cruz suggested the high tensions in Eastern Europe were due to the new occupant of the Oval Office and questioned why there had been no threat of Russian invasion in previous years.”Why didn’t it happen in 2018 or 2019 or 2020?What has changed?””Suggesting that Mr. Biden’s presidency was the catalyst for escalating tensions in recent months.Cruz also accused Biden of weakness, saying he has performed poorly since taking office last January.His latest remarks were not the first time he has accused the White House of incompetence.Speaking in December, Mr. Cruz insisted that the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan that summer helped embolden America’s enemies, including Russia.Cruz, a member of the Republican Party and former presidential candidate, has long been an outspoken opponent of Biden.Cruz’s allegations come at a time of heightened tensions between Russia and NATO.Some Western leaders have instead blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for escalating the situation, while the Kremlin says the U.S.-led military bloc is behind the escalation.The West refuses to budge. What’s Russia’s next move?The West’s response to Russia’s security overtures is the beginning, not the end.Senior NATO officials and individual countries in the alliance have repeatedly identified Russia as a potential adversary.The NATO alliance’s infrastructure on its eastern flank is gradually expanding.NATO’s activities in Yugoslavia must not be considered defensive.However, the problem goes deeper than that.The West sees Russia as weak and destined for further decline, so it has no choice.It simply cannot afford confrontation and will accept the triumphant march of the US and NATO into Eastern Europe.Russia and NATO have rekindled their old rivalry.The West believes that the bright future of post-Soviet space lies in western structures or proximity to them, and that the Kremlin is better off sitting quietly.Before you know it, Russia will be invited to the common table…Of course, if Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic States and others allow it.