What do they hold in their hearts?

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Young people pay more attention to “spiritual wealth”, leaving their wishes on a wall near a service center in Jinan.”Hello, I’d like to know how to make a will.Ji ‘nan where can make a will?”Recently, 12345 hotline received a consultation call.Such consultation, because the caller Mr. Zhang is a “00 after” and appear some special.Qingming “cloud worship” has just passed, does it make you think more deeply about life?Recently, China will Database for the first time published “after 00” will data: making wills tend to be younger, 2020-2021, “after 00” testator growth of 14.42% compared with the previous year.Why do you focus on “things after death” in the prime of youth?What are the underlying motives behind the “will rejuvenation” and what are the problems involved?On March 28, Mr. Zhang, 21, is filling out the wealth inheritance risk assessment form at jinan Testator Service Center of China’s will library.He is ready to name a house, in their own accident can not cure, donated to accompany for many years of small hair.”In my most difficult moments, it was my childhood companion.His parents died young and I just wanted to give him security.”Mr. Zhang said to ji ‘nan daily reporter.In the interview, “after 00” to make a will for different reasons: Wang Minyu, 22, an investigation shopkeeper, thinks that “harmonious family relationship, high happiness index”, the reason for making a will, mainly because the future marriage and friends have uncertainty, want to control the future in their own hands.”Can I make a will for my pet?”Zou Xinmeng, a post-00s generation, expressed his desire to make a will for his pet. He cited Louis Vuitton, founder of luxury brand Louis Vuitton, as an example. “He made a will for his pet.His cat will live on after he’s gone.”According to relevant statistics, as of last year, the youngest testator in China’s will bank is 17 years old.”Giving a secure future to your lover, your buddy, your crush, your Alma mater and even the pet you grew up with has become the choice of some post-00s testator.”Ji ‘nan will library of China will service center responsible person said, to prevent the whereabouts of property unknown, to avoid disputes, simplify procedures, isolation of their own marriage risk, isolation of children’s marriage risk, to prevent property, etc., is including “00 after”, all the people to conclude the will of the main factors.”When I was 20, I could barely earn enough to eat. How could I afford to make a will?”This is the interview, most “before 00″ the first reaction to this phenomenon.”Yes, most of my friends who make wills have houses and cars.There are also many post-00s who put their spiritual wealth in their wills.”Zhang Miaomiao, a writer, said that for two years she has been writing down her thoughts and inspirations on her micro blog and has included them in her will.”Xiao MAO jia”, a 19-year-old netizen, will include jade pillows handed down from his family.There are “after 00” will be their own game equipment, game currency included in the will.China will library Ji ‘nan will service center staff introduction, “after 00” will involving real estate, most of the wealth from the older generation support.But as the post-00s generation pays more attention to making a will, many young people are willing to make one for themselves even if they don’t have larger assets such as real estate.They pay attention to personal sentimental items such as collections, family heirlooms and tokens of love, as well as contractual rights and interests, stock rights and financial products.Among them, as the proportion of mobile payment gradually increases, it has become a common concern of this group to solve the transfer and inheritance of virtual property through making a will.The ownership of this part of the virtual property has become the biggest concern of the post-00s.”Virtual account used for years in the game, valuable game equipment, carefully reserves the skin, used for virtual market circulation of securities, the virtual property in the alipay, in addition, after a lot of ’00’ keen to store their own spiritual wealth, such as WeChat, such as QQ, weibo young people keep intimate relationship account information and the growth record.”For this young people early into the will “ritual sense” behavior, the crowd of different age groups gave “this young people really dare to think and really play” “absolutely fresh period” “another expression of life” and other different views.”Some young people just want to be new and trendy.”Zhang Xuanlin, a teacher born in the 1970s, believes that young people are inexperienced and immature, so if they make the will this year, they will take the initiative to overturn it next year.”In particular, there are a lot of problems with wills such as giving your real estate to your lover once your love life is over.””When I was making my will, I suddenly had a panic attack, hoping it would never come into force.The moment I signed it, it was more like reconciling with myself.””I will live more seriously in the future,” ding qunyu, 22, told reporters after concluding his will.”From talking about will change, to the ’00 generation’ will become a phenomenon, this is the performance of social concept change.”Wang Fei, an associate professor at Shandong Normal University, said, “Today’s young people have bold ideas, and society needs such diverse ideas.”The fact that people are getting younger shows they know that wills are no longer the preserve of older people, let alone “the end”, he says.Young people are able to face death rationally and reassess the past and the future of life.Lu Bing, deputy director of the Provincial Research Institute of Social Development, said that when young people make wills, they are actually the epitome of social progress.The post-00s, as members who are about to or have already entered the track of social development, are increasingly aware of the rule of law.Protect their rights and interests in a legal and compliant way, and have a higher control over the future society.In addition, more and more young people make wills, indicating that with the development of social economy, they also have a certain amount of wealth accumulation.In addition, recent events at home and abroad have more or less affected public cognition, making young people, who are traditionally far away from death, start to think more deeply about life.Shandong Kangqiao law firm full-time lawyer Ma Liwu, “the existing laws for accounts and other virtual property, but also lack of detailed specifications of the protection mechanism.If this number is inherited due to the death of the original user, once the receipt of business transaction documents, it may cause economic disputes.Moreover, property rights are only a part of digital property, not all of it, which also involves personal rights and other rights, and can not be generalized.The transfer and inheritance of digital heritage needs to be supported by technology and more standardized mechanisms.”Ma said the current legal system related to digital property rights needs to be improved.In the field of virtual property, if there are not very strict rules and standards, there is a certain risk.In addition, in view of the phenomenon that some people regard pets as heirs, Ma Liwu said that heirs are human subjects, and pets, as animals, cannot be the subject of inheritance.If people have such ideas, they can apply for the administrator of the will to implement the relevant wishes.”Please allow us to bid our final farewell to commemorate the memory and footprint of the founder of UP.”This is a notice on an online platform. The account is a “memorial account” left by an UP user who has been dead for many years.In it, he recorded his preferences, works, and hopes for his death.As the demand for the form of wills grows among young people, “digital legacy” schemes have been launched on different platforms.B station, Kuaishou, Tencent, Apple, Google, Weibo, etc., have formulated the rules of “commemorative accounts” and “inheritances”.”In real life, we will face death one day.But an online account is a record of our emotional experiences, joys and sorrows in this lifetime. If it lasts forever, we live forever in the virtual world.Posterity can also know what we are thinking.”I was touched by young people s positive attitude towards life.To me, what I feel more is that young people are brave enough to say no to the uncertain future, and that they are “done” when they are in trouble.As one interviewee said that his idol was Ultraman, and that every episode ended with Ultraman defeating the little monster, “That’s how life works.”Those who are optimistic and open-minded, those who dare to anger and speak self-mockery, or from the inexperienced “fearless of the tiger”, or smart life values, a share of “wishes after death”, I can not help asking the heart, what can we care about the people, what to leave for the world?If life is going to be a “snowfall without trace”, is it more important to cherish the present?